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Lego Saturn V

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Anyone else get a look at this badass thing? 



Its about 3 feet tall, and it comes with 3 microfigures of astronauts which you can see if you look very closely next to the landing module. Plus that landing module fits inside the rocket which separates in the same stages as the original thing complete with each stage's rockets. I haven't been this impressed with a Lego set in a long damn time. Especially since, at $120, it's one that I feel like I can afford and is good value for what you get. I could never bring myself to drop $500 on that Death Star even though it's packed with cool stuff. This though? This I won't mind dropping $120 on. 

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 I haven't bought a Lego set in... 4 years I think. Hell, I haven't bought a minimate set for at least a year. But this does look damn cool. I always liked the bigger Lego sets (Modulars, Architect, etc), so this is right up my alley. I was thinking of buying some Covenant Figs to make the pre transformation F4, so this'd go along nicely. No room to put it in though, so...

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With the 50th anniversary recently passing, why not necro an old thread?  Anyone else pick up the Creator Lunar Lander?  It's a fun set to complement the Saturn 5, and it can break apart for the ascent stage which is super cool.  What about the mission to Mars city sets?  They look pretty nifty, and they're based on real NASA stuff.  

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