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Minimates Display Stands Update


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Hey all, we updated the bag of Minimates display stands, with new colors and types.


Assortment includes: 1 translucent blue mystical energy swirl, 1 translucent orange launch blast, 1 translucent yellow flame swirl, 1 two-foot flight base, 1 one-foot flight base, 1 floating grey asteroid with levitation stand, 1 waist support with clear disc base and 3 additional one-inch round clear disc bases. Packaged in a plastic bag with hang tag.

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Are these available now? I have a use for almost everything in this assortment. Asteroid base for my Petra custom, Blue energy for Surge, and finally a yellow fire flame swirl that should be much closer to the yellow used on Magma from the new mutants. The orange and red swirls just never looked right.

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29 minutes ago, Chigarillo said:

Ordered them and they arrived... Was the old assortment, instead of what was pictured above and on the website. :wallbash:

Luke, did you ever get any of these?

Chigarillo - There must have been some old stock still mixed in. Contact customer service and they should be able to help you out.

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ordered two and they both came in today

wanted the floating rock for my beyonder and i can find good homes for the blue and red swirly bases

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