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Zoobles and Bakugan Battle Boosters


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I need help and so I turn to the best toy resource I know of.  Recently while visiting with their cousins, my kids discovered Zoobles.  I have a young son who is on the autism spectrum (he is hyperlexic).  He generally doesn't play with traditional toys.  I want to encourage both his fine motor skills and his imaginative play with a goal of social interaction/conversational skills, so when he showed some interest in these toys, I got excited.  Unfortunately, it appears that these toys may no longer produced.  I could find them on amazon but the prices seemed high.  From some internet searching, it appears that Zoobles were introduced as friendlier versions of Bakugan Battle spheres and were aimed towards a girl audience.  They are basically ball shaped toys that transform into colorful figures when placed on a magnetic stand. 

Anyone know anything about these things or where I might be able to buy them at a reasonable price?  I would be happy to trade minimates for them if anyone had some.  My son would prefer the Zoobles, but I would be interested in the more aggressive looking Bakugan figures if that was what was available.  Anyone run across these in their travels?


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I was pretty sure my daughter (who's also on the spectrum) had a few of the Bakuman Battle Brawlers. When I asked she said, "I LOVE THOSE! I was obsessed with them as a kid. I loved them so much. They still have a little happy feeling that comes with them." I thought, well, she's not ready to give them up. But after hearing your story, she replied without hesitation, "I'll totally give them away to a kid like me who needs 'em." I love my girl.


So shoot me a PM with your shipping info and your son will be getting a handful of Bakuman with cards and a carry case to fit some more into.

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