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Ask DST #330


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From Ask DST #330:


DSTChuck: Caddyshack is a GREAT movie and would make great toys, but that line is not possible at this time.




Michael K.: It would be great if you would make action figures of historical figures. I would love to have American Revolution series and Founding Fathers.

DSTChuck: We have thought about that before, but it does not seem there is enough retail interest for something like that.



Gus B.: For the next wave of Indie Minimates, would it be possible to see characters form the maxx comic series, or lara croft on her original attire? Also, are there exact dates for the release of the pulp fiction figures? Finally, would it be possible in the future to have figures made of the jump street franchise? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Right now we do not have plans for another series of Comic Book Heroes Minimates. We no longer have the rights to Lara Croft, and we are not working on that line at this time or Jump Street – sorry. We’ll keep everyone posted on Pulp Fiction.



Raph L.: With the upcoming tarantino movie figures are there chance for other tarantino movie chracters like django, and the reservoir dogs? If not is there a chance for Minimate sets of these characters? 

DSTChuck: Sorry, for now we are not looking at expanding the Tarantino universe as figures or Minimates, but never say never.



Jon M.: Since you have had success with the Lost in Space B9 robot (that will hopefully lead to a Jupiter II) Would you ever consider doing the Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? Maybe even a Flying Sub?

DSTChuck: Right now we are not looking at that, but we ARE looking at other classic TV shows and movies for other items that could be good for similar products.



David E.:

1) Have you been approached by CBS or have you approached CBS regarding taking on a licence for the newly announced Star Trek: Discovery TV series? I’m drooling just thinking about a DST USS Discovery NCC – 1031 ship on my shelf next to the other DST ships I have. 

2) With Star Trek Beyond out everywhere and seemingly no toy line to accompany it, has there been any sort of discussion between yourselves and CBS/Paramount about taking on the license for the Kelvin Timeline films? 

3) This has clearly been quite a big year for Star Trek with a lot of companies putting out a lot of product. Some such as Mezco, Mega Bloks, Qmx and Eaglemoss seem to be really jumping on the 50th band waggon by showcasing a great selection of merch. Why is it that, for many fans out there, the toy line that has been a staple of Star Trek toys for 10 years now, has seemed rather lacklustre in this anniversary year? One ship, one figure and one phaser hardly seems very extensive…  

3) Should we, as fans of Star Trek and of your Trek merchandise (in particular for me it’s your ships), be nervous about the future of your Star Trek line or are there exciting plans afoot that will reignite your Star Trek line?

DSTChuck: David, I think once there is more information available about Discovery, we will have a dialogue and see where it goes. There are no current talks with CBS about the new movies. We have talked to them in the past. I am sorry we have not made enough products for you this year. We think when you add it all up there has been a good bit of product, but I guess that is in the eye of each collector and their interest and budget. As for the ships , I see no reason to be nervous, we always have the GOAL of two new ships a year and do the best we can to achieve that. Sometimes stuff comes up that is not expected and causes us to spend more time than expected getting a ship to market.



So in summation: No Caddyshack, no historical figures, no more Indy 'Mates, no Jump Street, no Lara Croft, no more Tarantino, no Star Trek, no Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea... oh, and no Undertale ROBLOX or 10 Cloverfield Lane.


However, if they're looking at classic TV shows for the electronic/vehicles line, they may get to tack on Minimates as a category. So... Dukes of Hazzard and The A-Team?

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