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8 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

Hey, those are pretty good! Where did you find a Pernell Roberts likeness? ;)

Why, he came with a Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark I once obtained. Lonre Greene was the same actor who portrayed both Adama and Ben Cartwright. For Hoss and Little Joe, I just used two Marty McFly heads (one from the Mr Eastwood Marty and the other from the Festival Marty).

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55 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

I look forward to your Ponderosa diorama. (No pressure!)

Okay, so after rewatching a couple of episodes, I thought I'd do different versions of the Cratwrights. Can you guess what they are?Alternate Cartwright Minimates.jpg

Maybe someday. For now, I need to find the perfect horses in the exact same scale. Which kind do you think works?

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On 8/22/2016 at 4:54 PM, MisterPL said:

I wish I knew! Minimates could certainly use horses. I wonder if MegaBloks ever offered anything compatible.

I've tried to find those, but it's hard to find them loose without having to fork out loads of money on the full sets just to get them. Anything else to use?

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