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Birthday Elephant 2016: The Dark Elephant Saga

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Hello Elephants, 
It seems that in the recent upgrade and shift we have lost our beloved Birthday Elephant thread. 
This shall be the new thread for the remainder of the year. 
Please post your birthday hauls and guesses here.


Aaaaaand.... go! 

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 Alright, I'm gonna go first and showcase my presents for this year's BE. 

 First up, we've got two trades from All-New Marvel NOW!, namely Waid's second DD Vol, and Aaron's Jane-Thor:


 I thoroughly enjoyed both, Daredevil for the storytelling, and Thor for Dauterman's whimsical art. Oh, and, needles to say, Dario Agger is now in my Top 10 villains...

 Next up, we've got a couple of mates plus a custom Lego Moon Knight:


 MK sits in my desk, with Falcon replacing my old, damaged one (thanks a ton for that, you're literally a lifesaver, cause my first one had tons of QCs), and WS is on his way to become Bucky Barnes: Man on the Wall.

 Now, we have the Mirage TMNT 4-Pack, plus the Spider-Gwen/Iron Spider pack:


 The TMNT pack was a must-have for me, because these are the Turtles I always wanted. Sadly, the Spider-Gwen pack I had already bought, but I found the perfect opportunity to channel my inner businessman and sell it on Ebay for an insane price... Nah, I'm just kidding. I traded with a fellow here for another hard to find item. 

 Finally, here's a group shot:


 Now, as for my Elephant's identity, using my detective skills, I managed to deduce that he is none other than... Mattallica! And yes, I uncovered that aaaaallll by myself... Nah, Mat contacted me a while back since this thread was nowhere to be found. Turns out, I'm not Sherlock just yet...

 All in all, thanks for a great haul and I hope your present is just as good! Now I've got to go to work on my package for this year...

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Got my "Mystery Package" today. I'll have photos later but for now here's the quick and dirty. Three separate packages, numbered and labeled. First contained an assortment of Minimates and some Marvel Mystery Keychains (which I haven't opened yet). Second contained a gorgeous piece of original Minimate art that was supposed to identify my Birthday Elephant (need to do some more investigation tonight when I get home). And the third was handmade and compliments a piece in my collection already - a Kris Lyons diorama! AND its a sewer lair for my TMNT 'mates and will match up with the sewer dio I got from Kris last year.

Like I said above, I'll take some photos tonight when I get home. But I want to say a HUGE thank you to my (as of yet) unidentified Birthday Elephant. You went above and beyond and I love it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Birthday Elephant instructions/gift guide/hints


Gift #1



MCU Thor armybuilders including 3 each of the Asgardian Guard, and both versions of the Frost Giant. 2-packs - the Wal-greens Hawkeye/Crossbones set, Iron Man 2 Mark V/War Machine set and Iron Man 3 Silver Centurion/Bones set. 3 Marvel mystery keychains. I have all of these already but they are mostly armybuilders and I can't have too many of those. Also I know I have that IM2 2-pack as its what sucked me into collecting 'mates, but I haven't been able to find it since we moved into the house 3 years ago. So this is a nice replacement for those missing 'mates. The other IM will get customized in some way (Bones will get a gold paintjob to make it movie accurate) and the Hawkeye/Crossbones pack is great fodder. Love that this version of Hawkeye is so close to the Fraction/Aja version of Clint. 

Gift #2



This AMAZING original Minimates Iron Man artwork which WILL be going up on the wall in our hobby room. The picture doesn't do this justice. Its beautiful and barely edges out Gift #3 as my favorite from this bunch.

Gift #3



Another Kris Lyons original diorama. I have a TMNT sewer dio from Kris that I love and had planned on expanding eventually. This TMNT lair dio is one of the things I wanted to do. Kris does a great job with the little details like the posters and signs on the walls. The furniture really puts it over the top. I love it.

i still haven't figured out who my Birthday Elephant giver is. I know that I've seen his/her artwork here but haven't found those posts yet. Regardless, like I said in my earlier post, thank you whoever you are. This is a great gift from top to bottom.

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Package arrived in the mail today and my kids are sick with colds here at home with me; so I hear from the other room, "Dad, you got a box from the Birthday Elephant" and find they are already opening the box. Thankfully the items inside were wrapped so I can save them to open next week.

I'm pretty sure whom is my elephant (cough *shogi*), darn return addresses.


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So much awesomeness I don't know where to start! I used to have a subscription to Nintendo Power for years from the very first magazine; I had all these and totally regret getting rid of them years ago; I will spend hours (hours upon hours) rereading these gems; especially the SMB3 guide.

Captain N is incredible! Along with a bunch of figures on my want list. Thank you Shogi, you made this 80's gamer very happy!!


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I just returned home after a week long trip to see my brother walk in graduation, and found my BE present waiting in a pile of boxes that arrived while I was gone. I just had to open it, (I haven't opened the others... you know you're tired when you don't want to open boxes with toys in them), and can only say WOW. I got an awesome present and will post pics in the very near future. So damn cool. 

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So here's what I received for my Birthday Elephant. First we have 3 sets to add to my collection. Definitely awesome sets that I needed.


And the best part is this shirt. This is my new favorite thing:


How freaking cool is that? I was unfolding it wondering what it would be and was absolutely blown away when I saw the image. I've always had that as my avatar and have never found a pic I like better. This is just a really cool gift that makes think of the Multiverse.

Based on the shirt, I had an idea that my Birthday Elephant was Arnim Zola. I remember a comment he made to me a while ago about liking the avatar. Then I reread the note that came with my gift, and noticed a small drawing of the Zola eyepiece in the corner. So a thousand thank yous to AZ. Thanks for an awesome present!

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Big THANK YOU to my Birthday Elephant! Got the full Doctor Strange set and continuing the Doctor theme, there was an awesome custom of Dalek Sec included to compliment my Doctor Who Minimates!




Had to make some room in my Blue Box case, but here's a close up of the Dalek Sec


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On 1/5/2017 at 10:57 AM, Shogi said:

Big THANK YOU to my Birthday Elephant! Got the full Doctor Strange set and continuing the Doctor theme, there was an awesome custom of Dalek Sec included to compliment my Doctor Who Minimates!


I'm glad you liked everything! :)

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I had received my Birthday Elephant gift a week or so back, and forgot to post what I received.  So here we go:





Such an amazing group of gifts and I love them all. There wasn't much of a clue as to who my Birthday Elephant was but would like to thank them so very much!

So, Thank you!!

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February officially marks the end of the BE cycle. A huge thank you to everyone who participated this year, especially those who had to wait on a response from me regarding their queries. 
If you haven't received your BE gift for the 2016/17 cycle, please shoot me a PM asap so i can chase it up for you. 

As for a new BE sign-ups, some of you may have read the posts that were made last year looking for new volunteers to take on BE and Secret Santa. I've taken on some additional responsibilities in my life (I'm currently the VP of my state's roller derby league) and in my work (bucking for a raise) recently and don't have the time to dedicate to these projects for the foreseeable future. 

Mysterious Stranger has very kindly taken on Secret Santa for 2016 and did a fantastic job of it! Unfortunately, we had no luck in finding anyone to run BE. At this stage, Birthday Elephant is on hold until either a ) my life calms down enough to allow me to manage it, or b ) someone new takes the reigns. 

Both events have been a huge success each year thanks to the generosity and creativity of the board members who have participated. I've loved seeing all of your custom figures, cards and artwork, as well as the extremely kind care-packages you have sent. Learning more about foreign candy has been a bit of a highlight for me! I hope you've all enjoyed being a part of Birthday Elephant too! 


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