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MMMV Turns 10 - June Giveaway pt.2


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And we are back with the June Giveaways! I have a list of the 54 members that signed up to participate in the June Giveaway Draft. The order that everyone gets to pick will be posted tomorrow, but here are all of the giveaway items just in you want to start thinking about items that you're interested in.

There are 65 items to choose from and 54 people making picks. That way, even if you have the last pick, you will still get to choose from several items. Starting tomorrow, I will post the order in which people get to make their picks. I'll let the person with pick #1 know that it is time to start, they will make their pick, then that item will be marked off of the list, and then start it all over with pick #2 all the way through pick #54. I'll get the addresses from everyone via pm, and will start mailing out items as soon as possible. Please note that I will try to get items mailed out as fast as possible, but packing and mailing this much stuff will have to be worked into my normal daily life. So it might take a few days before your item gets mailed out. If you have any questions, please let me know and good luck!


We have our pick order determined! I'll post it here, and then will cross out the items as they are picked. I'll send everyone a pm when they are "on the clock". Thanks again to everyone that signed up and I hope that you get something you wanted! Here we go!


Pick Order:

1. bigvis497

2. CBMM1  

3.  SuperChefMate

4.  Nervous Rex

5. Bighurt546

6.  Tribble_WC

7.  jeri007

8.  battlecat

9.  BuffaloDelorean

10.  jcastick

11.  RedTiger95

12.   Ivan

13.  darthdoughboy

14.  Samwise Gamgee

15.  bzorio

16.  QuisporQuake

17.  Social Spider

18.  ElGallo21

19.  NerdyTrev

20.  Captain Paco

21.  Grayson

22.  Tommy Wiseau


24.  viciousvink

25.  Dio

26.  arnim zola

27.  MisterPL

28.  Onyx_6

29.  Mattallica

30.  Dave

31.  JeffBohn

32.  WadeWilson

33.  Nessex


35.  Smashmaster12

36.  Mosetter27

37.  Mysterious Stranger

38.  JediJohnson

39.  The Scarlet Spider

40.  sergiofml

41.  Tetton517

42.  duckness

43.  Kotter Comics

44.  TheKrisLyons

45.  Kostisfire

46.  Scorpion

47.  Gmonkey2k

48.  Mystery Man

49.  Polarboy

50.  OvenproofBug6

51.  inktb

52.  ScarlettaSpider77

53.  homestar17  


CBH TRU Ruminant & SpyrnusTMNT TRU Pizza Party Mikey & Chrome Dome; TMNT TRU Sewer Gear Raph & Anton Zeck; Predator TRU Elder Predator & Battle-Damaged Harrigan; NBXTRU Santas Elves; TMNT TRU Mutagen Leo & Foot Soldier; TMNT TRU Mutagen Donnie & Norman; TMNT TRU Sewer Gear Donnie & Norman




Sin City Box Set #3; Gotham Box Set #1; Marvel Wave 59 Cyclops & Marvel Girl; '79 Alien Retro Pack; DST Clear Stands Pack; Muppets TRU First Mate Piggy & Strangepork; Muppets TRU Hogthrob & Crew; ST W2 Battle-Damaged Kirk & Gorn; Charm City Cheff Duff (bubble is starting to lift from card)



Marvel Infinity Box Set; Marvel W54 Strucker & Hydra Elite; Marvel TRU 20 Stealth Spidey & Ult. Sandman; Ult. Nova & Ult. Carnage; Marvel W62 Uncanny Sabretooth & Kluh; Marvel W64 Dazzler & Howard the Duck; Marvel TRU W20 Ult. Spidey & Ult. Fury




Marvel TRU W9 Shatterstar & Cannonball; Marvel TRU W11 Fantomex & Mr. Negative; Marvel TRU W2 Wonder Man & Union Jack; Marvel TRU W13 Mirage & Magma; Marvel Previews Exclusive U.S. Agent & Taskmaster; Marvel TRU W11 Betsy Braddock & Nightcrawler




BSG Previews Kat Katraine & Heavy Assault Cylon; ST W5 Cmdr. Decker & Ilia Probe; TWD TRU W7 Ezekiel & Mauled Zombie; Marvel TRU W21 Iron Spidey & Spider-Gwen; Marvel WG W2 Dark Thor & Thanos; Marvel WG W2 Iron Spidey & Taskmaster; Marvel WG W2 Dark Iron Man & Black Widow; Marvel WG W2 Drax & Gamorra




ST Resurrection Spock Promo (bagged); Wizard World Chicago Promo (bagged); Wizard World L.A. Promo (bagged); DAVE School Promo (bagged); BB "Hot Wings" Merk Promo (bagged); 2005 SDCC Promo (bagged); '03 Green Blank (loose); '03 Blue Blank (loose); '03 Red Blank (loose - has a scuff on back of left arm); Kung Faux Break Boy (loose)




Thundercats Box Set #1 Mumm-Ra; Thundercats Box Set #1 Lion-O; NBX TRU W2 Mr. Hyde; NBX Blind Bag W2 Pumpkin Jack (bagged); NBX Blind Bag W2 Santa (bagged); TMNT Blind Bag W1 Mutagen Raph; Aliens TRU W2 Glowing Alien; Predator Blind Bag S1 Edwin (bagged); BSG Modern Cylon Single Pack Cannon Centurion




Marvel TRU W21 Spider-Gwen; Marvel WG W1.5 Agent Coulson; Marvel W43 SHIELD Agent; Marvel W49 Alicia Masters; Marvel TRU W1 Gauntlet Tony Stark; Marvel TRU W15 Annihilus; Marvel W50 Nova Corps Centurion; Marvel W46 Lizard Trooper


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23 hours ago, CBMM1 said:

And Mr. Negative is calling to me...


thats fine If i get fantomex i will gladly send you mr negative... 

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CBMM1 is on the clock! The Nightcrawler/Braddock pack is off the board. I'm crossing out the names of the picked items instead of editing the pics for every pick. Please make sure to check the list above each pic to make sure the item you want is still available. 

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