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Marvel NOW! Minimates Blind Bag Series


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On 12/1/2016 at 10:25 AM, luke314pi said:

For sure these will be on the 14th. Series 69 will most likely be the 14th, although sometimes our custom case assortments can arrive early or later than the standard assortments.


I forgot to preorder. Will there be any extra boxes to buy? you're beating BBTS by $10.

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I don't wanna lose my place in line right now just in case, but I might have a line on a Silk. My comic shop may be closing, but they were still supposed to get this wave in before they do (in fact, today he was complaining about a blind bag barcode being under the flap, so I assume they have them waiting for me right now). I only want one, so if I can get it myself, I will gladly let someone else get one through here instead of me.

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53 minutes ago, force2099 said:

So....what stores are carrying these again???? ......ehastings, that one comic shop twenty miles away that is closing,  and that one store on the Titanic????

Not Hastings, but any comic shop listed on can order them. We can't make them all carry it, obviously, but telling a store you're interested in buying it in advance sometimes helps. Online, Luke's Toy Store will carry them, including individuals, and you can order a full display at the DST site:


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3 hours ago, youbastards said:

Looks like Flash's prosthetic legs changed quite a bit from prototype.


Yeah :/

i was looking forward to new tooling since these are already more expensive than 2 packs. Now they just look Like part of the costume/suit as opposed to actual prosthetics. Bleh. 

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8 hours ago, Heinous said:

What are the things hanging off the side of deadpool 

They look like fighting batons (similar to Daredevil's) the single one in her right side came off easily enough, but the two on her right are one piece and glued onto the belt pretty good. The hand can not hold it too good though as the diameter of the baton is slightly bigger.

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I'm still not planning on getting OML or DP 2099, but they look better than I had expected. What is this version of Logan based on?

Wolverine and Iron Man look as good as expected, but I wish they had clawless hands and a flight stand.

We've had two Miles' already, but I think this one looks much better than either of them.

Silk looks nice, but it's a shame people will have trouble getting her. I can't decide if I want Spider-Gwen or not.

Venom looks great. I personally prefer the new leg tooling to the prototypes. How many alternate limbs does he have?

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