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Deadpool Comic Wave - Wave 65


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Recap time:

1) Norman Deadpool: IMO, it's unnecessary since T-Bolts Pool is a perfect modern Deadpool, but I get why he was included.

2) Hero-Pool: This is Deadpool from "Deadpool's Secret, Secret Wars", and it's basically Deadpool, but with pirate boots, a yellow belt and a DD logo on his chest. It's a fun variant, but meh.

3) Mascot-Pool: Another fun variant, but not one I'm excited for.

4) Bob: Woo! I made a QC one with the 54 HYDRA guys, but this one is brilliant!

5) Zen-Pool: I like it as far as variants go. I hope the beads are sculpted though, and not just a tampo. I think a sculpted "vest" could've turned out better, but the fig looks good, even in that LQ pic.

6) Siryn: WOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOO! HOOOO! Ahem....It-It's the star of the wave...

7) Modern Domino: Yipee! I've been looking to make a QC for a while now, so this is a most welcome figure. Heck, I might track down X-Force X-23 and Warpath as well.

8) Mystery Fig: I don't know who or what he is, but he's looking like an old-man with a cybernetic hand and a fur coat....No idea.

Overall, a pretty solid wave, cause it does feature some long awaited mates, making the Pools bearable. But, with one or two changes, it could've been better. Like:

-Drop Mascot-Pool and add Taskmaster.

-Drop Hero-Pool and add Weapon X Deadpool

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I hope Cable comes with parts for an alternate look because otherwise he looks like Parts Reuse Cable.

Bob, Siryn, and Domino are cool. Not anywhere near the top of my list but they're worth having.

Not-Philly-Phanatic-Pool looks interesting but I'm not sold without a better look. The other Deadpools aren't very exciting but I guess they fill out the wave. Accessories could make a big difference.

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Even though we just got a Hydra army builder, I wonder if DST will put an alternate head in with Bob so people could make more Hydra soldiers?

By the way, I am working on getting a better pic, but no promises. :)

That's what I'm hoping too, I much like the modern Hydra outfit better than the quasi-classic look we got in 54

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