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Super Mario Maker


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I bought a Wii U just for this game (well, that’s misleading, it sounds like I bought one last Friday... I bought one in May and have been playing Smash Brothers now and then knowing Mario Maker was coming and it was the justification I needed to buy the system.)

It’s as fun to play as all your youtube videos would imply.

There’s two main play modes:

Make: Build a level! You get the pieces slowly (you get like 5 or 6 new ones a day if you build for 5 minutes) but it’s fun to see how stuff reacts (for example you can put wings on almost everything and it gives them a new attack pattern, or drop a mushroom on them to make them giants. Some enemies that fire stuff can be given items so they’re beneficial to the player) It’s lacking a lot of power ups (which I could see being DLC someday) but what’s there will let you make some really fun stuff

Play: You play “100-Mario Challenge” to earn new ‘costumes’ (you can also use Amiibos to earn these costumes, but not all of them are Amiibo based) to use in the Mario 1 skinned builder (you can only use the ‘costumes’ in Mario 1, Leaf in Mario 3, Cape in Mario World, and Propeller in 3D) you play 8 to 16 different user created levels with no filter on skill of creator or challenge of level (if one is too hard you hold down ‘select’ to get a new one with no penalty)... it’s actually really fun playing a SUPER creative level followed by one clearly made by a seven year old. The only thing I hate about this mode is too many “don’t touch the controller” rube goldberg levels.

I would say this game alone is worth owning a Wii U even if you want no other games, since creative players will ensure it has new levels for years to come, especially if Nintendo supports it with DLC adding new items and level styles.

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Best Game Ever!! Seriously a lot of fun. If they made Zelda and Metroid "Maker" games then I would get no sleep. I've spent most of my time in the Make section but sounds like I need to spend some time in the Play section to unlock the costumes.

Here's my list of levels:

Deja Vu? (C982-0000-00E0-4B9C)


Another one screen (sorta) level. The trick is to get the shell to the right place to find the real exit.

Running of the Boos! (EFBB-0000-00C6-DE22)


Outrun the Ghosts through the maze of the ghost house.

The Ghost Whale (5C1A-0000-00B9-6C4A)


Ghost house filled with sunken ships, treasures and ghostly sea creatures. All inside the Ghost Whale!

Quick Doors (F639-0000-00B7-BFDA)


Quick one screen (sorta) level. Figure out the puzzle to find the switch to open the way to the flag.

Upside Down Underground (B808-0000-0089-3695)


Transverse your way through the underground; take the pipe and flip it upside down.

SMB:Lost Levels 4-4 Remix {Wet or Dry} (080D-0000-007F-B1DF)


Remake of castle level 4-4 from Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels. Topside is dry with a little more heat and dried up enemies. Or you could take the pipe at the start to try it underwater. A few classic amiibo costumes are available too (can you find Bowser's costume?).

Bowser Jr's Cargo Airship (C0E9-0000-0078-DB1B)
SMB3 Airship level with multiple paths above and below along with lots of items/coins stored in cargo. All paths lead to a challenging boss battle with Bowser Jr. Can you defeat him and claim his Clown Car to escape??

Ebb and Flow (BF4B-0000-0063-B74A)


Swim out, then back in with the tide. Explore a sunken pirate ship (haunted?); how much treasure can you find? Follow the "arrows" as either path will get you to the goal.

Ghost House Switch (w/ Secret) (7F4E-0000-0048-19CF)


~hint~ to get to the secret sublevel, might want to move the p-switch a bit closer and run fast!

Boxes (0417-0000-003F-99E6)


Climb to the top of the boxes to find your way out. Watch out for the bullet bills and the hidden blocks!

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I uploaded my first level last night if anyone wants to give it a try (feedback would be awesome as well, not sure if I have too many bullet bills):

Boxes (0417-0000-003F-99E6)


Played it, Gave it a Star.

Not too many bullet bills, the right amount I’d say since they provided a fair challenge without 15 being on screen at once like some poorly designed levels. Great use of the flame throwers as well. Also, personal note: I like “clever” levels more so than ’this is my first try so I made 1-1 but with spinies and big pit and a bowser!’ so the fact it looks like a lot of thought and work went into this really makes it shine. I also like when the graphic style matches the game (ie- don’t make me play a 3D level with no parkour, don’t make me play as an Amiibo if you’re just making a Mario level with no theme to the character) and the Mario 3 graphics work very with the boxes.

My favorite part:

Your use of the invisible blocks! Glorious! I got trapped by them a couple times, very sneaky.

Here are my levels:

Little Link’s Little Quest:


It’s a little maze, pretty straight forward, I think it’s cute.

Little Link’s Kooky Castle Quest:


A much meaner version of the above. It has a low clear rate so I think the correct path might be too well hidden or too hard to get to.



A complete BS level made for sillies. Gannondorf walks down a hall filled with canons that shot goodies at him, That’s all. (it’s an in joke, I made a Smash Bros level surrounded with unescapable if caught in canons that fire the players off the screen. For Canondorf I went the other way and made a pleasant generous canon filled level.)

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Good levels dr baghead thumbsup.gif, we played on my kids' profiles so hopefully they added some stars for you. I'll add some more when I get on tonight. I love how when you finish a level with a costume it plays the music related to the character. My daughter liked finding all the little areas to get as many coins as she could.

Now if my kids would just let me have a turn, I could work on my level ideas (up next a ghost house). Our new house rule starting tonight is after dinner I have dibs on the Wii U.

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Ghost House Switch (w/ Secret) (7F4E-0000-0048-19CF)


~hint~ to get to the secret sublevel, might want to move the p-switch a bit closer and run fast!

OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! Im gonna half to try that later (just spent too much time playing... Expert Challenge sucks, its the rejected seven-year-olds and sadist levels or the rare good levels with one major design flaw, my thumbs and eyes hurt and I didnt even win.)

New Levels!!!

Pikachu, I CHEWS You:


Pikachu tries not to get eaten by plants and chain chomps

Little Links Vine Venture:


My attempt at a Ghost House... it ended up being a pretty easy level.

Zeldas Darling Dungeon:


A little more challenging than my Link levels (more enemies) this was more an exercise in playing with the brick sets to make a pretty level more than a super challenging one (Also it has a Shiek path AND a Zelda path, so thats fun.)

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The "start instant death" levels on expert piss me off. Finding levels that deserve merit on there are few and far between. I rather play levels that you guys make or some of the top ones on the Reddit forum.

I've been working on an underwater level; restarted from scratch three times so far but now finally have an idea I really like. I'll hopefully post it in a day or so.

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I'll check out the levels posted when I get home, but in the mean time I have two levels I'm proud of, both being spur of the moment creations:

Sky Pirate Attack - 2F18-0000-0042-841B
A Doctor's House Visit - 596D-0000-005D-7436
I have a few more but they're my most popular so far.
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Bowser Jr's Cargo Airship (C0E9-0000-0078-DB1B)
SMB3 Airship level with multiple paths above and below along with lots of items/coins stored in cargo. All paths lead to a challenging boss battle with Bowser Jr. Can you defeat him and claim his Clown Car to escape??

Out of interest, how did you get a screen shot of the level?

Edit - Never mind, I think I've found out how. I never realised Miiverse had a website as well.

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