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Squirrel Girl!?!


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So.... any thoughts on what your next Banner/Avatar update might be next, G-hog?

Very good question. Since I don't really care, I suppose I can rent out my services to the highest bidder.

You want your favorite character Minimatized? I'll be your own personal Lee Burns (if you can afford me).

Sshh with that name its been nice an quiet around here lately....if you dont count Kostis that is.


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Well, there's Nighthawk.... hawks aren't rodents, of course, but they do eat them... that's not helping my case, is it?

If you (or anyone) aren't familiar with the Squadron, I strongly recommend Mark Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme book from the mid- 80s. It is, no lie and no hyperbole, one of the five best comics Marvel ever published. It was Marvel's only real entry into the deconstructionist superhero movement; it's very similar to Watchmen, and one could make the case it's more effective, because it better models a typical superhero comic because it's not attempting to break any stylistic ground. Really an amazing book. And it should be celebrated in Minimates, dammit!

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