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Ant-Man Contest


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Marvel's Ant-Man is only a couple weeks from hitting the big screen on July 17th here in the US. So in honor of it and the fact that the Ant-Man minimate is one of the best in-scale figures for really cool awesome pictures ever, let's have a contest to win some movie cash!!

Prize: $15 Fandango e-gift card to go see Ant-Man in the theatres (or another movie if you rather)

US only


1.) For your entry take a picture of your Ant-Man minimate figure (preferably somewhere cool and Ant-Man-like).
2.) Any Ant-Man minimate will work, released, customized, quick-customed, etc.
3.) Please submit your entry in this thread and note on it that it's your official entry.
4.) This must be a new creation from the start of this post. This doesn't mean that everything in it must be new; it must just be a new not-posted-before picture. If you have more questions about this please ask.
5.) Only one entry per person open to all members that aren't named Lurch.
6.) You can make changes to your entry up to the deadline of this contest.
7.) Remember safety first and that we are a family friendly site.
8.) MinimateMultiverse takes no responsibility or liability for any broken laws, damage or general mayhem caused in the process of creating your entry.
9.) Any entries that do not post either due to timing or technical issues are not the responsibility of MinimateMultiverse.
10.) MinimateMultiverse has the right to change the contest or rules at any time. This includes but is not limited to the completion date and prizes.

Entries will be accepted between now and midnight 11:59 AM PST July 15, 2015.
Winner will be posted shortly afterwards so that they can enjoy the movie on Friday July 17th.

Winner will be chosen at random ..... unless someone posts a really outstanding photo then I shall pronounce them supreme king of the Ant-Men and thus shall win the prize. But more than likely it will just be random pick from all entries.


If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

If you don't have an Ant-Man minimate then head over to Luke's' Toy Store to get yours today!
Good luck and have fun!

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Well - Hank Pym was also sometimes just a guy in a Lab Coat.... do you have any blonde minimates you can put a lab-coat on? Maybe you can have him conducting tiny research somewhere funny?

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I didn't even see this. Shows how often I visit the contest thread these days. I posted this pic earlier today, but figured it was still okay to post here (seeing how it hasn't been but 11 hours). If I'm breaking the rules, please feel free to delete this post.


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Hi guys, we took advantage of our being on vacation last week! luckily, i always bring a box of random minimates to mess around with while away (in case of a rainy day). We had some beautiful days, and I was fortunate to have had a spare Ant-Man helmet in the box. I took a bunch of Ant-Man vacation pics, in the water, on a log, during a sunset, holding hands with a beach beauty (courtesy of the alpha flight hand-holding extra piece). It was hard to pick a favorite, but here it is, packed up in a postcard template...


as an extra special bonus, my son (also a minimate collector) wanted to get in on the action, and made his own Ant-Man setup, and wanted to take a picture of it. If the judges allow it, I'll be posting it for him, since he's only 5 (turning 6 on the 16th) We had a blast, we were the only ones on the beach at the time, and i hope we get to do many more mini adventures like this one...

anywho... here's Nico's masterpiece The Anthill! His summer hideout!


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I'd like to thank God, the Academy, my parents, my beautiful wife and children, and all the people who've supported and inspired me through the years. I'd especially like to thank Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby for making this contest and film possible by creating Ant-Man and to the Minimates Multiverse for being such a darn swell community and an oasis of fun. I'm honored to be in such good company.

[hoists virtual gift card high]

This is for the little guys! Thank you!

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