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Getting back into minimate collecting

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I've been out of collecting minimates for a good 3-4 years but the bug has bit me again with the release of AoU Marvel series

I've been looking through all i've missed (Which is a lot) and i'm trying to locate places to buy what i've missed

I'm in the UK, can anyone share any tips to help me pick up some of what i've missed?

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I'm too a UK collector. Older Mates I tend to get from eBay if I can find them at the right price.

As pedro said, red hot comics is a good place on eBay. I tend to get most mine from forbidden planets in Leicester, notts, Glasgow and Manchester. Birmingham has a place called nostalgia & comics that's pretty cool too.

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You sound like me. I stopped collecting for three years or so and sold off my collection. I got back into them a year ago after looking at how much cooler they had become (I loved all the accessories they now came with). They are commonly referred to as plastic crack for a reason. Soooo addicting. Just a warning, it is expensive getting back into them. It seems that the value on them has gone up since I last collected. Some sets go for double their normal price on eBay a year later or less, especially Toys r Us waves.

Also there is an asshat from the UK who has a secret underground warehouse full of minimates. Imagine Smaugs treasure from the Hobbit, but instead of gold it is all minimates. He sometimes is willing to share his treasures with those less fortunate. If you are lucky he may send you a p.m. and help you out :)

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