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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates


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1 hour ago, thereasonsy said:

Right? Feels like a cruel joke!

It was even crueler when you reread Zach’s original post, which says 4/1/2017. He claims it wasn’t an early April Fools joke, though.


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I went to the Walgreens today that I found the infinity war wave (that cleared the shelf of all minimates after the registered said a recall) but they usually get new minimates before the other two in town. There now wasn't even a spot on the shelf for them, I found a lone spider knight pack on the clearance rack. I hope they clearanced them all to get new packs in... 

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18 hours ago, mav-man said:

???---next wave----???

Sorry, meant to respond last night. It turns out 4/1 was a very special day, and also a Sunday. So the announcement happened today. My bad.

Hope you guys like at least one and a half packs!

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Kraven's vest and Amora's hair look like they'd be good alternatives for the previous minimates' parts.

it's interesting that we've gotten two Skurge minimates and they've both been Walgreens exclusives. I'm still hoping for a classic comic version, but that seems less likely now.

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That's my fear as well, though at least a decent axe mold would be available to knock down the cost a little. Those two do have the least animated looking faces in the line so far but I can't see using them in my displays with the torso detailing not quite being there. I guess maybe it would be useful to change up an extra Enchantress.

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I do enjoy this wave. I’m always happy to get new Thor characters, especially if it’s a bulked up Executioner. I like the Collector and Kraven. Hobgoblin is an interesting look, kinda looks like Doom 2099 with different colors. 

Good wave, imo. I’ll probably pick up most of these.

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This is the first animated wave I'm probably skipping all of the packs. Amora's hair/head dress looks nice, and the axe from skurge is nice, but not enough to have me buy the pack. I really like my custom skurge made from the movie version. That homemade spidey and Kraven look down right silly and laughable (that's aimed at their designs, not the execution) 

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11 hours ago, MisterMiracle said:


I've never watched a Marvel Animated feature........but I have just spent a few minutes with my 'search engine' checking  out * a few things.

It's nice to see that the Enchantress gets the hair that went AWOL in the previous comic version . I was going to gripe about why she's now missing her 'pelmet' (short green skirt) however if you search long & hard enough* you will eventually find a picture of her in a costume design that doesn't have the skirt .    I lose . it might just be me ......he now gets his axe but where's his skirt & far more importantly where's his M16s ?? As I said It might just be me but I've 'known' The Executioner a fair while & when 'Skurge' arrived on the scene the axe went out of the window & the guns came in . As I said I'm not an aficiando of the Animated feature but it would seem to me * that the axe-logoed chest costume is nigh on always accompanied with a skirt . This Minimate  does however get HANDS , these must have been embargoed prior to the Ragnarok version :whistling:. It's nearly a very nice Minimate but .....

The Collector, first he loses an Infinity Stone then his loincloth .

Hmmmm Hobgoblin ? There's going to be a glider ....right?!

Starlord .....gets an open- smile , that's good but  WG1 Starlord  was OK I thought ?

Kraven & Homemade ? They actually look like the animated characters so that's a massive success for animated fans but not for me .

That leaves Black Spidey ....when in doubt get another out ?


That's not my review just my observations & as always I look forward to hunting them down.


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Found the new wave yesterday... random thoughts...

I like Jackal a smidge better when I remove his bulky pectoral piece. Slims his overall shape down considerably, making him a stone's throw closer to comic book Jackal. Still not overly fond of the extended arms and animal legs... but... he makes a better poor man's comic Jackal with the pecs removed.

I can't tell if Jackal's mohawk is sculpted onto his head, or a separate piece. If it is a separate piece, they laid the paint on mine so thick, that it's pretty much cemented to the head. I don't even see a seam between the two, it just looks like one continuous blob of plastic.

MODOK looks better in real life than he did in the early preview images. This is a decent Modern MODOK minimate. That said... I still prefer the classic look of the MvC3 version overall.

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On 4/25/2015 at 1:41 AM, Kostisfire said:

Now if I could just get a new Moon Knight and an Uncanny X-Men 4-pack......

Yeah, still hoping they revisit the old costume. Love Moon Knight, favorite Marvel character, but I really don't want to pay the $40 on eBay for the old one.

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so these look much better than the previous wave, with some actual sculpted pieces.

collector looks great

starlord    has some nice paint but its just a repaint of series one starlord

Skurge is fun

enchantress is kind of plain but has nice hair

homemade spidey looks dumb( but im assuming thats the way he looks on the show IDK) but at least has sculpted goggles

Kraven, uhh he looks like a Dreadnok from GIjoe, but again thats the character design on the show i assume, the mate isnt bad for what it is

Hobgoblin what a shitty design on this guy too,  its hobGOBLIN not hobRobot

and another blacksuit spidey this is probably the worst of the group a vanilla mate coupled with a really bad interpretation of a classic costume.

so 3 out of 8 are good IMHO



i just checked out some of these new characters in the show and most are "well represented" here  by  DST, being that the mate looks like the design in the cartoon so its not DSTs fault, just that the character designs are crap.

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I usually find them within a few days of hearing that others have found them, but I have had no luck yet with this wave.

I also just wanted to state that the designs for the characters in the new Spiderman cartoon are horrible. I don't see this cartoon series lasting long at all. I have not seen anyone say anything positive about the cartoon thus far. It would be amazing if DST was able to get licensing for the DC comics animated movies. Those have been amazing over the years. The new Suicide Squad animated movie was much more enjoyable than the live action movie. We would never see that happen though unfortunately.

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