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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates


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1 hour ago, Heinous said:

Iron skull doesn't come with an alt masked head? Idk if the marvel legends one is accurate or not or the cartoon version doesn't wear one. Just wondering. 

I have not seen a picture of him in a helmet, but I am not familiar with the Legend.

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With this series, it can be argued that the original Squadron Sinister has been done.

Hyperion & Spectrum look basically the same, though Hype would need a face with a domino mask. Easy enough to come by. Speed Demon is the Sinister's Whizzer in a new costume (and less pee-sounding moniker), and Sinister Nighthawk of course became the heroic Defenders Nighthawk.

Gruenwald's Squadron were from another dimension; his Hyperion actually killed the Sinister Hyperion, which was a Grandmaster-created clone, or something, the last time I tried to keep up (has it been retconned since then?).


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On 1/15/2017 at 8:47 AM, MisterMiracle said:

I was thinking the same thing but I don't remember them being in that episode.  Is the Avengers Assemble show any good?  I haven't seen any of the Marvel cartoons since the 90's.

All the current Disney Marvel cartoons are various degrees of bad, from bad (Ultimate Spider-Man), to really bad (Avengers Assemble), to horrible (Guardians of the Galaxy). BUT they do a good job with character design and introducing characters from the Marvel universe that we might get as toys. The only good Marvel cartoons in recent times were Wolverine and the X-Men, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (legitimately a great cartoon.) 

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Found Hyperion and the rest of Wave 3 at the Walgreens next to my house, specifically my son found them who was geeking out because he loves Spidey and wanted all the Spidey figures. I love having Hyperion, Power Princess and Nighthawk together (the marvel version of the Trinity) may have them take a pic with Superman, WW and Batman. Definitely want to get the rest of then SS. I'm torn as I may just display Speed Demon with the Thunderbolts. I know he's with the Squad in the show and that he was the SQuad Sinister in the comics too but I'm going to use them as the more heroic squadron supreme.

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