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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates


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Not having the money to trigger resets is something I can easily understand. I also realize that I'm in a rather unique situation being the only dedicated collector in the area and having stores that only stock one case at a time. Which makes it nice that the Animated series case is a single set. For the most part I can only afford to pick up two packs per week. Soon that will go up slightly once I finish buying out Hasting's clearance stock and having no local options for continuing to buy comics. Also my regular buying habits will be dropping from at least two copies from multiple lines to single LCS Marvel sets ordered online and multiples of the Walgreen series. While I have a bit more flexibility than most I certainly didn't mean to imply that I can just buy as many as it takes to triger multiple restocks or even e-bay prices. After thinking about it, I guess the point I was trying to articulate is if you treat the Walgreen's you frequent most like a LCS, you're likely to have better luck than treating it like TRU.

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On 9/30/2016 at 8:31 PM, MisterPL said:

I realize it's ultimately beyond DST's control but I wonder if retailers like Walgreens and TRU are given advice on how to better distribute their store exclusives as often as collectors are reminded to help each other out and be patient.


I'm sure Sales doesn't want to rock any boats but if a series experiences weak sell-through and it's obvious that distribution is to blame, does DST have the balls to tell that to retail buyers and risk hurting a relationship with harsh honesty? Or do they take the bull by the horns, act like an experienced category manager, and offer up some constructive criticism?

"There are none so blind as those who will not see" There are many many examples (push me if you want more) is one.



This caught my eye this morning on US ebay : 

So what ?  Well, on the face of it ,it looks like somebody has a ton of a Minimate exclusive box set that is no longer hot . This particular limited edition (of 2000) box set was initially available from one online store ,AFX . IMHO not an 'amazing must have' set.      As far as I know AFX chose to sell this box set 'exclusively' & undiscounted for a year!!??) .......their choice I guess ? Until recently it was fairly scarce on ebay ....a year later you can buy them by the case load .  AFX were (I am no longer sure if they still 'are') bigtime/longterm Minimate retailers yet .....& here's my elusive point .....


..........they appear to have been left holding the baby . If a massively experienced Minimate retailer gets it wrong WTF is going to get it right ? 





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AFX exclusives have been side items for years now. Their thanos set from back in the day and the magneto/Xavier sets were the only main line type offerings they've had. 

Their street fighter offering was variants, alpha flight was a non mainstream team, and I haven't picked up that age of ultron set but I would really just get it for a non bulky movie iron man and the bulky ultron.

I don't think AFX's distribution model is anything we should focus on, unless the conversation is about online retailers distribution.

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I picked on AFX purely because I saw the ebay listing just before reading this item on the forum . 

If ,as you suggest, the conversation is about online retailers' distribution immediately comes to mind .....what could I possibly add to what everybody knows?

BTW,  TRU Wave 20 heralded the 'new' animated 'mates ....... & then ?



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1 hour ago, MisterPL said:

Hard for Walgreens to offer animated Marvel as "exclusive" when it's also available at TRU. Walgreens must have made quite a commitment for DST to yank that from Geoffrey.


1 hour ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

When TRU 20 was released, DST said animated TRU waves were a one-time thing.

I find it highly unlikely that DST designed just the one wave of animated Marvel Minimates knowing that TRU were going to have it as a "one-time thing" .  I'd speculate that many animated Minimates were designed way before TRU (perhaps then) decided to pass on further animated waves ...........& along came Walgreens (?)


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1 hour ago, FightTheDead118 said:

Oh shit, kaine comes with thwip hands! Are those new?

I believe they're actually spike hands, but the are new.

35 minutes ago, JoeyCrypts said:

who are the other characters in this wave, i'm not familiar with them?



The lineup is:

Ultimate Green Goblin/Spacesuit Spidey

Hulk/Speed Demon

Iron Skull/Power Prism

Anti-Venom/Scarlet Spider

Now that (I think) we've finished the AA Squadron Supreme, I hope we can move on to finishing the Dark Avengers.

Image result for dark avengers avengers assembleImage result for dark avengers avengers assemble

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