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Overall I'm very happy with my Predator mates. I recently raided my Aliens / Predator mates and have enjoyed revisiting them, but there are still a few options from the first movie I'd like to see.

Looks like they will be beating this dead horse once again, with Dan Trachtenberg now set to helm a reboot, so if this opens the window for "one last shot," here's what I'd like to see in a 3-set wave or boxed set:

1. Battle-Damaged Blain (aka chest hole) with Plasma Casting Stealth Predator

2. Battle-Damaged Dillon (dismembered arm) with Skinned Corpse

3. a New Dutch Release, with a New Predator Release & spinal column accessory

More streamlined and therefore perhaps more achievable would be a box set:

Battle-Damaged Blain, Plasma Casting Predator, Battle Damaged Dillon, Dutch Variant, with bonus spinal accessory. In one pack, you'd have the three most prominent/popular human characters and a Predator.

In other words: two State Governors, Greef Karga and a hostile alien.



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It was only a matter of time before Disney decided to start looking for a return on their $72 billion acquisition.

Personally I'd love to see DST pick up where it left off. I'm trying to cobble together some more key characters from The Predator. A couple Yautja are notably absent, too.

I'm expecting a new film to pull a Disney Star Wars and bring back Schwarzenegger just to play it safe. Maybe they'll drop him off on that game preserve with the armor from the last flick and we'll get a proper sequel to Predators, too.

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I think I understand the disdain for The Predator but I enjoyed it. (I feel the same way about Thor: Ragnarok and people loved that flick. 😖) If the only thing taken from the last movie is that armored suit, that'd be fine with me.

Not sure what Disney has planned for AvP (if anything) but I imagine it falls under the same licensing umbrella now. Even poorly received movies can generate fun toys. Look at Star Wars.

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