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Predator Minimates

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On 11/14/2017 at 1:11 PM, Mysterious Stranger said:

And Menagerie suddenly has multiples listed on ebay. Coincidence?


16 minutes ago, TENIME_art said:

Better be a coincidence. His store is closest to my work, but the store I found them at is closest to my apartment. They're a good half hour away from each other. It's bad enough he makes it hard for me to find stuff in his turf, he better stay the f*ck out of mine. 

With the quantities that he has, I wouldn't put it past him to drive the extra 30 minutes and clear out that TRU as well.  I refuse to buy anything from him.  There are plenty of helpful people on here and in the Facebook groups.

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Found the latest wave today. Got the two Carl Weathers packs I wanted so I can display both looks. But they only had one of the Arnold packs. Plenty of the other two. Not sure I knew the Lava Predator has a clear red body. I might get more of the other packs eventually. But right now I just need another Arnold and I'm good.

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