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Predator Minimates

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On 9/1/2016 at 5:41 PM, stack32 said:

Missed out on Hawkins. I'm definitely not buying a whole case just to get him and Mac so not sure what I'll do. As frustrating as this line has been to collect with repacks and duplicated characters it might just be easier to quit.

Yeah, it sucks and it's stupid.  It's why I held off on buying the Aliens minimates for a long time.  I finally gave in and found the singles somewhere not too badly priced.

But here we go again.  I still want the Blain 2-pack, now I can add Hawkins to the list.  But plenty of Predators I already have and don't want more of are readily available!  Then Zach will get mad aren't happy with how they packed these - somebody chose to make Hawkins one-per-case.  And that somebody is no friend to collectors.

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2 hours ago, BCDX97 said:

Then Zach will get mad aren't happy with how they packed these - somebody chose to make Hawkins one-per-case.  And that somebody is no friend to collectors.

Zach who? Zach me? Zach will get mad who aren't happy?

Sorry you don't like how the line is set up. The guy who chose to MAKE Hawkins -- and every other character in Predator, most for the first time -- is definitely a friend to collectors. I know him. But I understand the frustration, and hopefully you won't have to endure it any longer than necessary.

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I snapped some pics of wave 2 of the Predator blind bag assortment (minus the Predators we've got already in wave 2 / TRU wave 2). Enjoy!









  • Keyes comes with alternate pieces to recreate his business suit look and a calmer "non crazy" Busey face.
  • His liquid nitrogen gun and pack are re-used pieces from  the GBs slime shooters and soldier Kyle Reese (the one that was included with the Hunter/Killer).
  • Unfortunately there is no hose to connect the gun to the backpack.
  • Hawkins reused Dylan's cap accessory, but due to the riser inside of it, it sat WAY too high on his head. I dremeled out the riser and it looks much better (as depicted in my photos).
  • I will do the same thing to an extra Dylan cap, but also trim off the hair and ears portion and slap on a bit of brown camouflage so I can give Mac his appropriate headgear.
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6 minutes ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

Did Gary Busey really wear a silver suit in the movie?

Nope, its a gray suit. But to get that look would have required new arms, legs and hips and I don't think that would have costed out with the accessories. Still, the silver suit IS very much of the time the movie came out. Just not for this character. I think I have an extra gray suit guy that I can put the calm head and hair on.

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Now that I'm paying a bit more attention to these, I'm surprised Mac didn't come with a hat, as well.  I bought a case for wave one and took a loss offloading the extras I didn't want (including the 1 per case Predators guy!).  So, I'm hesitant to order another case here to encounter the same problem. . .but damn, I can't go without the Predator 1 dudes.  So, I'll have to pull the trigger at some point.  Can't not have Shane Black!  Plus, Gary Busey and "Fatburn" Minimates would be kind of fun.  I'm just catching up on season 3 of Hannibal, and Lawrence Fishburn is so damn good there.

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2 hours ago, handsomedevil said:

I would have loved to assemble the human team from the original Predator movie, but it seems like more trouble than it's worth at this point.  I have a guy that will sell me Billy for a great price, but getting the rest is going to be a headache...

I'm not one to give up on stuff like this as the hunt can be part of the fun, but I am already "fatigued" by this line.  I feel your pain.

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I had to cut back big.  There was a time when I had every Minimate sold at retail both loose and MIB.  There is no way I could do that now,  I ran out of room long ago and now I get only what I like.

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15 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

And you're even happier, right?

Mostly yes, some amount of no.  Its bittersweet.  My issue is not really monetary, its all about space and not being overwhelmed.  My office was starting to look like an episode of Hoarders.  Now I put a lot more emphasis on characters and lines instead of simply needing two of everything.  I still have trouble finding figures, just like everyone else, but I am not after every Minimate there is, either.  I put a lot of effort into my pre-production collection and use patience to find the figures I need from retail.  Bottom line, I am not going to buy a case of blind bags for one figure.

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Fortunately I've never been a completest, or I'd have had to adjust my buying habits long ago (I mean, buying the View Askew Minimates alone would have caused my synapses to fry).  With these guys I basically just buy the Predators that look cool (like the thermal ones) and the soldiers that can be used to make GI Joe customs.  That silver suit is darn cool, though.  I'll have to buy that and put an extra Silver Surfer head on it or something.

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14 hours ago, karamazov80 said:

Wish I would have known you wanted the thermal Pred when I bought that case, Shane!

No worries.  I actually had one and used it in a necessary trade, figuring I'd easily get another.  Lesson learned.

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