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Lego Dimensions

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I caved and bought a start-up pack a while ago because it was heavily discounted (less than 1/2 price), and it was fun enough. The thing I like about the lego games was that after they were finished, you could keep grinding at them to get 100% - collect all those characters, get all those gold bricks. This was wasn't possible with Lego Dimensions unless you were willing to spend 100's of dollars on extra character and level packs.
Someone did a bit of quick and dirty math with the first wave of releases and found that to unlock all the content, you had to buy about $300 worth of packs, but if you wanted to everything on offer in the first wave, it would set you back about $450.
I'm not sure where, in between those two amounts, you'd be able to unlock all the content and collect every brick to finish the game 100%, but both figures are a significant amount more than the price of a standard lego game without the extra plastic clutter.

I ended up picking up the modern GB story for like less than 1/2 price, and it was fun enough. If any of the other packs become heavily discounted, I'll get them - but not being able to ever finish the game without spending big $$$ was a huge turn off for me.

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2 hours ago, Lobsterman said:

I noticed the other day that TRU was also deeply discounting Skylanders, Amiibo, and (also discontinued) Disney Infinity stuff. I guess the trend toward video game/IRL crossover toys was overhyped?

As you mentioned, HP, I think all of these lines were way too expensive to collect on a practical level.

Yeah and with Amiibo it's a very select few figures anyone cares about.

Apparently Animal Crossing was not amongst the chosen.

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