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Publishing my own comic Crimson Monkey Comics #1


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UPDATED: Here's the first review (yes I know it's from a writer on my own website but I told her to be honest and not kiss my behind.)

Hey guys it's been a real looooooooooooooooong time. I'm alive and for you fans of Minimate Theatre I just want you to know I'll get around to that eventually.

But more important things await, I published my own comic.

This weekend in Orlando, at Megacon, you can pick up the first issue of Crimson Monkey Comics at my booth.

I'm super excited and it turned out pretty well but I would never have had the confidence if not for years of doing Minimate Theatre and the support of all of you.

Here's some preview pages and I'll keep you posted of any reviews and when you can order a copy, but otherwise if you are at Megacon please come visit me.

You don't need to buy an issue just come say hi.

Missed you guys.

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Good luck with everything man! MM Theatre made Monday mornings bearable for me.

Thanks, I really always assumed no one was reading it but me and some friends so it always means a lot knowing people enjoyed it.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

@Turtle - Glad you like the Phalt preview, it gets so much better.

@Hellpop Glad you liked the look of the first page of the Soda comic.

Just so everyone knows these are the first pages of each story in the anthology. The stories run 3-5 pages each.

@Luke thanks for the kind words! Hope you like it.

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