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Tusk Promo 'Mate

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This forum has been far too dead, we need more love for the blanks and promos! Sweet little adverts that they are. :)

So I eBayed and recently opened my Tusk Minimate, and it is one sweet 'Mate! Clean, crisp graphics, and there's a tampo on the back! If I ever knew it, I had forgotten he was a two-sider. Excellent work by DST and glad to see Kevin didn't scrimp on his promo.

An interesting note: the plastic is overall ever-so-slightly rougher than your usual 'Mate. At least, that's how I interpret it; something is slightly different about the texture.

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When was this released?! Jeez, thought I would have at least heard about it....

Sorry, Gmonkey, mention of this 'Mate was made in the View Askew thread, where it got kind of lost. I'll work on getting some pictures.

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