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Danny and Rad were responsible for bringing many collectors into the fold here. Let me speak on behalf of one of those (myself) by saying thanks for all that you did in those earlier days to help demonstrate why these little bastards are so terrific!

Cheers Buddy thumbsup.gif Nice of you to say so.

I used to really enjoy writing the reviews but as more and more product got released it became harder and harder to keep up with it all.

Plus trying to write and photograph everything, as well as editing the pics to make them just about usable sucked up a lot of my time. To the point I just got burned out doing it.

Luke, Lurch, I really hope you get a good team behind you because sharing the load will only make it easier and keep it fun for everybody.

Might even be tempted to come back, if you'd have me?

Danny, fantastic to see you're still about mate :)

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Are we allowed to change our entry?

I /was/ going to do the Coat Hawkeye/Ultron Drone from Wave 61, but I'm not sure exactly when Luke is getting them. I also just came in possession of the TRU Age of Ultron sets, so...

I'd like to change my entry to the Iron Man/Black Widow pack from Wave 61/TRU. I was going to review them for my Youtube channel anyway, but I figured I should change my entry to something that I already have so I can get the submission in on time.

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Blerg - totally forgot about this!
Was hoping i'd have the X-Men sets in hand by now to review one.

There are a few sets that have been 'claimed' in the thread, but aren't mentioned as claimed in the OP.

Has the OP list been confirmed & updated, or am i better off going by what has been claimed in the thread?

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I'll give the reviewer thing a try. I don't collect as much as most but with the big box of stuff I have coming this week I think I could easily write a bunch of reviews at once and release them over time if that works for you guys.

As for what I'll do, I think I'll write this try-out piece about the TMNT Mutagen Raphael, since I have it in hand already. I don't have a sealed blind bag for the packaged shot but I can piece one together well enough to show what it looks like. I only pulled off the top strip to open it.

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