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Muppets Minimates!

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I absolutely love DR.Teeth! and Animal! Statler and Waldorf are Beautiful as well, and I will need to build a little balcony seating for them. I may even have to display them like that on a wall in my house somewhere! They always remind me of my grandpop, and that is a bonus! I like the others well enough. I would like to have an option of armlegs and web feet for Kermie....... maybe as a pack in at some point....... or an accessory pack, with other recognizable items from the muppet-verse.

I actually may force myself to build a mini-scaled version of this, t display them


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I was able to pick up both Pigs in Space sets last week, they are fantastic!  was always one of my favorite skits on the show...need a bridge for them now.

i also noticed that series one is on clearance for $3.99.  that can't be good...TRU always seems to drag their feet in marking product down but this seemed to happen quickly. 

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With another series already on pegs and a con exclusive ready to go, it's best to get rid of older inventory. I wouldn't worry yet.


My concern would be future assortments that don't have the most popular characters, making it more difficult for new consumers to hop on board. But then that's a common problem with most mass market Minimates.

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thats a good point, idk if it's all TRU stores or just mine but they never clearance until theres an inch of dust on it :lol: they're not even ordering new Marvel Mates due to the peg of Animated Nova/Carnage that has taken up residence

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On July 8, 2016 at 9:28 AM, TENIME_art said:

I don't have him yet, but what I do when I'm looking for something like that is run through the Minimate Database (Hail Ivan!). It takes awhile, but I usually find what I'm looking for. It's how I built my DP movie Colossus & NTW.


Yeah, I've done that plenty of times. I figured someone might've done it recently since the Kermit is new and save me some time. 

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7 hours ago, MisterPL said:


Great shot, MM! That's the first thing I thought of doing when I got my Swinetrek crew.

Thanks for helping me procure them fwoosheyman. :happy:

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