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The X-Files

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I think BHM, is on to something! It would be awesome if these were marketed like the MAX line with a whole extra set of clothing/gear on a clear base mate in 2-packs.

And @buttheadsmate whom is the object of a preposition. So 'with whom' would be correct. Your sentence structure is perfect! At least where you weren't sure. ?

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To figure out the "who/whom" conundrum, try replacing the pronoun with a different one - "he/she/who" vs "him/her/whom" - and see if the sentence still makes sense.

Same with the "me vs I" - take out the other person, and see if it still makes sense. "Zach and I are going to the zoo" ("I am going to the zoo") vs "Zach and me are going to the zoo" ("me am going to the zoo").

I'm trying to think of good who/whom examples, but I'm sick & exhausted & wouldn't be awake currently if I didn't have to be at work.

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5 hours ago, DSTZach said:

Aside from doing singles, that sounds like a plan. :)

Wait, weren't the Palz packed in single boxes, with non-suited characters and lots of accessories?

I tried my best to avoid  palZ but now that you mention it :thumbsup:  Those palZ.  ...X -Files only......were bloody unique & almost in a league of there own but I am totally sure that a concerted efffort to eclipse them with Minimates could happen ......if only.....

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14 hours ago, MisterPL said:



I avoided Palz out of sheer brand loyalty to Minimates. Being a big fan of X-Files, Palisades didn't make it easy. They offered some pretty tempting SKUs. Hopefully that abstinence will pay off soon.

I was left in limbo when palZ ended....then:huh: I thought I'd buy a Minimate or two!


OK it ain't no new great idea of mine but it just might work well.

The problem for me & it is a major one (for me)  I will forever compare anything X-Files related in Minimate form to the  palZ . The Flukeman palZ figure for example had a moulded mouth which absolutely ,totally 100 percent makes the figure could close your eyes & still feel that he was the Flukeman. That attention to detail to that particular figure's main characteristic makes it far than just a toy company's 'version' to make the numbers up makes it great.  If anyone needs clarity of what I'm saying .......the Flukeman minimate is.......a minimate that looks like the Flukeman .........a bit.

Now ........Buffy palZ sucked & I look forward to whatever we might see in minimate form.




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