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New York Toyfair 2015

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Well, the people over at Faceook are excited, so that's a plus. I hadn't seen Gotham for over 3 months or so, but now I dived into my tv show backlog and I'm actually kind of coming around. It's not terribly exciting, but hey, it's DC and if buying these means that we can get more DC mates down the line I'll sacrifice my dollars to the plastic Satan. I just hope they add some cool stuff in there, because it'd be hard justifying whole 4-packs of people in suits.

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When you set your hopes as high as DCAU, we are bound to be disappointed. Love Batman, like the show, but my concern is similar to everyone else's in that I am NOT a fan of civilian minimates!

However, it is exciting to be getting any DC-related minimates.. don't think any of us saw it coming. Zach, if you can answer, how does this relate with more DC minimates down the line?

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Hasbro are announcing

'2" Marvel 500 figures in blind bags'

Any idea what these could be? Seems like could end up competing directly with minimates :/

Might be these preposed, plastic figures:

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Still no pics or anything for the Predator minimates? I figured they would have revealed all their new products by now. What time is it in NY right now? 6:30?

DST is always amongst the last to be covered. Which I find baffling, since they have far more and diverse product when compared to these smaller japanese companies they do first. Anyway, TOYNEWSI will have the DST pics up tomorrow morning (they said so on facebook).

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5:24p, but I think DST's panel/presentation is supposed to be Monday? Maybe Sunday? but I assume they have some stuff on display, just have to wait for people to take pics and post them.

I'm assuming we don't see any Predator mates. I want to say we didn't see any Aliens last year (though they were on display) But I may be remembering 2013

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