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First Minimate (If you can remember)

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Got these two at Sam Goody on clearance, and fell head over heels in love:



Then I grabbed this for full price at Tower Records:


Followed by the rest of that wave (and Giant Size X-Men boxed set, which was also out at the same time).

Then I played catch up on eBay, and have been current ever since.

(Hail Ivan)

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My first minimate was the Toy Fair promo silver armor Gator Guard battle beast. I know that's not that old of a minimate, but it was my first. The original green and yellow Gator Guard that they showed at SDCC several years ago was the first time I really took note of minimates. I had seen them before, but didn't pay much attention to them. But when a battle beast minimate popped up in a single, slightly blurry photo from sdcc, I immediately became more interested. That got me to look more into minimates and what they were about. I put in a pre-order for that playset that the guard was originally going to come out with but never did. And then I heard that a silver armored version of the gator would be handed out as a promo at Toy Fair. So I used whatever contacts I had to be able to pick one up. He's still my favorite minimate to this day.

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I think my next batch of mates after my first ones is a better story.... For some unknown reason my ex bought me a replica highlander sword for my birthday. Feeling a bit put out of place, my then girlfriend (who's now my wife) who had only been with me a little while decided while we were shopping together that she would buy me every minimate Forbidden Planet had. Around £150 worth. I that point I knew she was a keeper xD

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My first Minimates were the 3" Star Trek mates. I found them at Target and so I bought one of each of the six. I then found that they were also available at TRU so I went there and got them each in a tube. About a week later I returned to get another set at Target to open.


I even tracked down and got four of the Kirk with Tribbles Exclusive 3" mate so I could open one.

My 6 yr old god son loved playing with them under my supervision. I eventually got him a complete set. Then a few years later, I got his little brother a set as well. They never liked the 2" versions.

I was never planning to get any other Minimates, but then the 3" Trek mates were cancelled and then the 2" line came out and I got two every set they came out with and eventually got triples and more.

It started me on my path to having an obsession with Minimates and Customizing Unmade Trek characters and variations.

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My first was the Ultimate Spider-Man/Grey Hulk pack, followed by the TRU 5 packs with the hidden figures.

But while I've been around since the beginning (I remember when this message board was on the Art Asylum page), it wasn't until wave 19 that I really kicked my collecting habit into high gear. Up until then I got them when they seemed cool, but wave 19 was when the line really showed what it could do.

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First one was "Celebrity Deathmatch Mr T.". It was given to me by my buddy Eagle (who the fuck is Eagle?)At the time, I had been into customizing lego minifigures, and he said "here, you like lego guys, check this guy out". He worked at game stop at the time, and they had a bunch of them, and he handed me about 5 or 6, figuring i could do something with them. The next day i went on ebay and saw the giant sized boxset, and some loose minimates, there must have been less than a hundred on ebay at the time i looked. I saw Colossus (steadily in my top ten favorite characters of any genre)and picked him up for a few bucks. He was the first one I ever bought. When i got him in the mail, and saw how close to lego they were, but way more fun (to the articulation)I ran out to Toys R us and bouth the 5 packs i remembered seeing and passing on before. after a week of hitting comic shops and tower records, I had a shoebox full of what would become my favorite toyline of all time, which says a lot because i'm a 41 year old child of the 80's, which was the best time ever to be a kid and play with toys!

I hope the last ones i will ever buy will be full of DC comics superheroes, but that's for another thread.

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I bought the Spider-man/green goblin series one two pack from a Suncoast in a mall around my freshman year of college. Bought a lot of them since.

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The packs that started my addiction:



Hail Ivan!!

I found these randomly at a store in the Braintree, MA mall, and it was all downhill from there. Strange that they had the Canadian BD Spidey/Venom variant pack there. I had no idea at the time that it was such a good find. They had the Black Spidey/Venom with no tongue pack as well, but I skipped it for monetary reasons (ie, my gf/future wife would have not been pleased) and I also firmly believe minimates are always better with tongue.

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Technically the 3" carded Star Trek from Target were my first, but I vividly remember how excited I was when they announced the Marvel line in 2"! The wait seemed like an eternity from announcement to release. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I purchased the TRU 5-packs before my series 1 preorder finally arrived at my LCS.

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