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Your First Comic


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This may not have been my first comic ever, but it's the first one I remember buying in a store with my own money.


It seemed like such a cool thing to a 6 year old wandering around a grocery store (this was before I even knew that comic shops were a thing), and it stayed cool in my mind until I went back and read it again as an adult and realized that it's nothing like what I remembered no.gif

As for the first comic series I ever followed:


This was my first purchase from a comic shop, and it jump started my life long fondness for Spiderman, as well as my interest in extremely detailed comic art

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I cant remember the first comic specifically...but I know it was more then likely a Punisher comic. I do however remember hunting this one down at a LCS early on.


actually it may have been this. From an NES game called "Werewolf - The last Warrior" it came packed with a mini-comic.


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My first comic was probably a Gold Key Disney or Looney Toons that I got in the hospital when I broke my arm. But the first comic that really cemented my love for them was this one:


When I was eight, a neighbor kid was selling magazines door to door for a school fundraiser. He was selling comic subscriptions, and my parents gave me the choice of either getting Spider-Man or Hulk. I went with Spidey, and a few months later, this issue came in the mail.

It was the second part of a two-part story. Maybe a decade later I found and bought the first part of the story. Really helped the issue make more sense.

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This was my first comic book ever, a hand-me-down from my older brother, I think. I wasn't even a year old when it was originally published, lol. He, on the other hand, would have been almost 14:


Shortly after getting that, X-Men The Animated Series came on the air, and I started watching it (I was 10). So, asking my parents for another comic book, but one with those characters in it, this was my second comic book ever:


Followed immediately by collecting these cards with my friends, who were also obsessed with the cartoon:


Those were my introduction into this wonderful and complicated (and wonderfully complicated) world. I pretty much just stuck with X-books & Spider-Man for years and years before branching out to other titles.

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That was one of the first comics I owned, as I mostly read my mother's old Archies.

This was the first Marvel comic I READ, and it was my father's.


And this was the first Marvel comic I BOUGHT, although I later got into X-Men at the start of Lee's run:


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My first comic was actually a bunch of Hulk and Spiderman from the early 70's. I remember which one I first set eyes on if that counts. My first subscription was also a gift from my Dad. He liked Thor and so did I.

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I cant remember my first comics, but I remember heavily getting into xmen because of the cartoon and having a buttload of the jim lee xmen run and other Xbooks. I also had/have all the dan ketch ghost riders, blade and the night stalkers books. The maximum carnage and siege of darkness stories were a big thing for me too though they came much later.

I think I learned about more characters from the trading cards at the time than other sources.

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