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Wave 62 is coming.....


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Wow - i have never wanted so many redo's and updates so much!

Falcap, Hobgoblin & A-poc are particularly nice.

also - the cables on this En Saba look more .... rubbery. The last time we saw him, the cables didn't move to well & it was a bit herd to pose him.

Zach: have you seen these in hand? Do you know if the cables are flexible? On that note, will Pyros be flexible?

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These look great. I could do without Kluh. Not a very exciting piece of Axis. Havok, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, Loki, Enchantress, Zenpool, Ahab, or almost anyone else from the story would have been a better pick, IMO. I'm surprised to see Carnage popping up again so soon, but I'll take it.

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Apocalypse, FalCap and Hobgoblin look brilliant, period (also, looks like Hob has a new hood-Moon Knight Minimate confirmed!).

Creed and Tony look good as well, but I think Creed needs a powerhouse chest (every Sabretooth got one) and Tony some sculpted armour bits.

Carnage and Kluh look great, but I'd have preferred a new Magneto. Oooh, you're saving him for a UXM wave, smart move DST, smart move.

Red Onslaught does nothing for me since he doesn't have the horned head and I have about 4 Red Skulls now. But he's the 2in1 fig (the base fig is black) so maybe he gets some extra cool stuff.

Zach, do you know if there is anything else besides what we're seeing here (accessories, alternate parts,etc)? Also, is there a complimentary TRU wave and what is the release window?

Overall, while I'd have preferred a new Magneto and a more modern Mystique over Kluh and another Carnage so soon, the figs are really well made, so it's not that big of an issue. Honestly, getting so many villains in one wave is the best thing ever.

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