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February Previews Catalog Minimates Explosion (non-Rockafire variety)


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Sponge Bob seems limited for what you can do for a series, but I guess you can just make variants with different expressions. Here's my guess for a wave.

Sponge Bob with Gary/ Squidward with his clarinet

Patrick/ Mr. Krabs with $$$ and a Krabby Patty

Sandy with removable helmet/ Jelly Fishing Patrick with net

Jelly Fishing SB with net/ Larry the Lobster with barbell

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There are two versions of Po. There is regular and his imaginary Dragon Warrior version. Also in the series Mantas has at least once grown to giant size so a giant Mantis isn't out of the question.

As for Crane Standard minimate body and hips, Battle Beast Scorpus legs, Mr. Fantastic stretch neck new sculpted head and either new wings/arms or a Falcon's arm wings. Leaving only Viper as an accessory; though to get more characters I'd be willing to get Mantis, Viper and Shifu as accessories.

I could easily see a wave of:

Po/Villain with mini Shifu

Tigris/Crane with mini Mantis

Monkey/Croc Warrior with Viper

Great Dragon Warrior/ Croc Warrior

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Oh I realize that there are a ton of characters, just who's important enough? It'll be interesting if it is indeed SBSS.

Lesse... If we wanted to go fairly thorough with the characters who could be called main and supporting: Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Gary, Pearl, Sandy, The Dutchman, Mrs. Puff, Plankton, Karen the Computerwife, Mermaidman and Barnicle Boy, Larry, Man-Ray, King Neptune, that guy who yells "MY LEG," and the news fish (Yaknow, the one who is an actual fish).

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Biggest problem I see with Spongebob is that all the characters are definitely anthropomorphic. There is no "arguably" about it - they are all walking on two feet and doing 'human' activities. At least it seems that way from the limited exposure I have had to the cartoon. I have no interest in the property and would probably not end up buying any of the mates at all unless it was for an old work friend I have not seen in 5 years.

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He wasn't that old. ;) He actually got younger and went back to college!

Well, he went to work at a college library instead of the public one I am at. He is still there, last that I heard.

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Next week. DC releases their solicitations on Mondays (4PM Central), sometimes Image Comics on Tuesday mornings, Marvel on Tuesday afternoons. The Previews website ends up being updated later that week with all the info.

DC has just started releasing bits of their solicitations, so they'll go all out next week. Some sites may get a sneak peek of specific products prior to the full release though.

This is one of those months with 5 weeks between solicitations!

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