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The Best Minimates of 2014 (Red Carpet Extravaganza & Award Show on p. 6))

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Zach, are you going to vote or are you remaining impartial?

Zach has never voted and I highly doubt (IMO) he ever will. Looks like it's the neutral zone for him. But what do I know?

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I didn't think anyone would want my tainted votes mucking things up. Especially since one vote out of 20 could effect the results pretty drastically. I respect the purity of a Multiverse vote, even if it is only the Multiverse's electoral college.

...That said, I've been skewing Minimates Central ratings for years.

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I don't know how you can possibly choose. Just tried to figure out the Best Minimate, head almost exploded. I'll keep trying.

We biggrin.png don't appear to agree on much but I'm 100% with you on that .

I really ...really....find this mind boggling . I can deal with just about anything ...& have...but voting for 'best' shuts my brain down.

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The whole thing is mind-boggling (btw, this is such a funny expression! You English people really know how to come up with stuff like this!).

Since we talk a little about how each of us gets this thing done... I usually let the best minimate category out at first. After goping through all the other categories, I just check which 'mates come up most often in there and vote for those.

Other than that: don't forget to vote guys!

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As of now, there are currently a lot of second and third place ties in about three or four categories. More votes means there's a better chance of breaking those ties up. There's still four more days to go and I hope to see more people participate. Most of the veteran members have cast their ballots, but there are still quite a few of you regulars I hope to see participate. As for you newbies to the forum, don't be shy, I want to hear from you guys too. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!


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Some years, I think Best Minimate is pretty obvious (Modok or Hulkbuster Iron Man, for example). This year, I don't think there's one unquestioned standout. Personally, I know that my preferences sway my votes a lot. I'm probably not going to be voting for any View Askew or Walking Dead Minimates, for example, as I don't collect those lines. Hawkeye is my favorite Marvel character, so I'm almost always going to vote for him if I can.

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My criteria for Best Minimate boils down to basics. I'm a sucker for the fundamental Minimates aesthetic; no sculpted pieces, just the basic body and some damned fine tampos. That's why Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel Minimate.

Your mileage may vary.

Mine are similar; the thing that's always made Minimates special to me is the combination of that simple block figure aesthetic and judicious use of accessories that augment rather than overshadow.

Beautifully-executed tampos, well-sculpted accessories that didn't bulk up the base figure, and just all-around fun playability made Pathfinder's Marisiel my pick for Minimate of the Year this time.

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Beautifully-executed tampos, well-sculpted accessories that didn't bulk up the base figure, and just all-around fun playability made Pathfinder's Marisiel my pick for Minimate of the Year this time.

Good choice. I nominated her for Best Hairpiece. Many of the Pathfinder 'mates are standouts to me. Same with Mass Effect.

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Yeah, I had a tough time choosing between those two; I ended up splitting the difference and going Pathfinder for best license and Mass Effect for best wave. A lot of the innovations in sculpted limbs and full-body caps are fun, but for me, those two licenses really focused well on what makes Minimates Minimates, rather than what they have been gradually evolving into.

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  • BEST MINIMATE Godzilla (3 points), Alien Warrior (2 points), Jack skellington (1 point)

  • BEST ACCESSORY (WEAPON ) Leonardo (3 points), Michaelangelo (2 points), Robotic foot ninja (1 point)




BEST WAVE - Pick the wave that had the best mix / pairing of minimates Mass Effect wave 1


BEST PACKAGING - Pick which packaging looked the best aesthetically Ghost Busters WE love this town

BIGGEST SLEEPER - "Didn't see that one coming" - unexpectedly good, an unsung hero Godzilla, Clerks, Mass Effect

BEST VARIANT- Not just a labelled variant, but an alternate version of a previously released figure Jane Shepard

BEST SCULPTED / BULKED UP MINIMATE- That particular minimate that was adorned with an ornate sculpted head, limbs or body coverings that set it apart from therest Alien Warrior (3 points), Mothra, Leonardo

BEAUTY QUEEN OF THE YEAR -That one female minimate you thought was hands down the most gorgeous, kick ass, femme fatale of 2014 Ashley (Mass Effect) 3 points, April (TMNT) 2 points, Tali (Mass Effect) 1 point

MANLY MAN OF THE YEAR -That one particular male minimate you thought was the most ruggedly, gung-ho, alpha male of 2014 John Shepard 3 points, Wrex 2 points, Shredder 1 point

GHASTLY MINIMATE* Formerly Ugliest / Scariest Minimate Godzilla 3 points, Alien Warrior 2 points, Garrus 1 point

FAVORITE CON or STORE EXCLUSIVE-That particular minimate that was a little more challenging to obtain due to its exclusive / hard to find nature. Single mates, not pairs John Shepard 3 points, Mutagen Leonardo 2 points, Randal (colored)

BEST HAIRPIECE Egon Spengler 3 points, Jay 2 points, April 1 point

BEST FACIAL EXPRESSION - That particular minimate face you thought was hilarious, disturbing or just darn perfect for that particular character John Shepard 3 points, Egon Spengler 2 points, Raphael 1 point

BEST MINIMATE INNOVATION - That one amazing feature that has brought minimates to the next level design-wise Garrus 3 points, Godzilla 2 points, Alien Warrior 1 point

BEST HIDDEN FEATURE - That one secret / surprise that was hiding in a minimate pack or on a minimate itself Mass Effect Guns 3 points, Aliens feet 2 points, Godzilla mold

BEST PART RE-USE* - That one minimate who was comprised of one or multiple recycled minimate parts and pulled off an amazing look Egon Spengler 3 points, John Shepard 2 points, Ashley 1 point

BEST PAINT APPS* - That one distinctive minimate that had the cleanest paint applications and/or beautifully detailed tampos Randal 3 points, Mothra 2 points, Garrus 1 point

BEST CELEBRITY LIKENESS* - That one particular minimate that actually resembles the actor/actress they were based upon Randal 3 points, Silent bob 2 points, Peter Vinkman 1 point

FAVORITE ARMY BUILDER -The name says it all Alien Warrior 3 points, Cactus 2 points, Sunflower 1 point

MINIMATE IN MOST NEED OF AN UPDATE - A minimate who's been around forever but is in desperate need of a cosmetic overhaul / update Dante 3 points, Jane shepard 2 points, Titanasaurous 1 point

BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT (BEST MOVIEMATE) - 2014 saw the release of a plethora of movie based minimates, so this the BTDI category will honor one of them Alien Warrior 3 points, Silent bob 2 points, Godzilla 1 point

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Got a boat load of votes in this week. Thank you all so much. The tide keeps changing. It's going to be another nail biter.

For those of you who haven't submitted you votes yet,


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I just wanted to give a big thanks to all those who participated in this year's vote. The data has been tabulated (I'm using Microsoft Excel this year) and the winners have been selected. Now the hard part starts. I will keep you guys posted in the weeks to come about the progress of the Award Show / Red Carpet Extravaganza. See you all in a bit.

Take care.

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