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Lego Minifigure Price Guide


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I have been working on a price guide for lego minifigures and Mega Bloks Minifigures.

Let me know what you think.

and here are the top 100 rare lego minifigures.

I only collect the figures that I find interesting, so I do not list the city figures and the other plain ones.


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What are you basing your prices off of? Completed auctions averaged together? Bricklink prices?

Completed auctions, prices that I have to pay to get a good working copy, set prices and bricklink prices. I try to review them once a week and I am alwasy open if you see some out of whack. Alot of it is based on my hobby of wasting time watching what they go for.

For example, the last set of toy fair iron man figures went for about 1500 - 1600 for the pair. I am usually seeing seperates going a little lower.

I try to weed out the odd ball prices or the figures that no one cares about.

For the Mega Blok figures, I base the price on what it costs you retail to get them since no real after market exists right now. I am working on doing more research on those on ebay.

Let me know if you see any out of whack.


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