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Watchmen Minimates

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:thumbsup::thumbsup: Really liking these was a bit meh whaen I saw manhatten as I thought a more shiney look would have been better but I realise they are prob prototypes so not that big a deal. On reading that manhatten will be a Glow In Dark figure tht puts aside an gripe I may have had.

cant wait to see the two pack and will cross fingures for Golden age looks an the other characters if these go well.

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I've wanted these since 2009. I remember being at Toys R Us getting the DC collectibles Rorschach and the T2: Judgment Day minimates and thinking "why aren't there Watchmen movie minimates". 

8 years later and they finally come into fruition. I'll be getting them all. Thank you DST/Art Asylum. Nite Owl and Comedian in particular look fantastic.

Please, please, please let this be the door that opens up to Burton/Keaton Batman and Donner/Reeve Superman WB/DC minimates. I've been waiting for DC movie minimates since 2005 when the Batman Begins C3 line got canned. I'd love a Reeve Superman, Hackman Luthor, Zod, Evil Superman, Clark Kent, '89 suit Keaton Batman, Bruce Wayne, all the variations of Jack Joker, Devito Penguin, Catwoman and the Returns suit Keaton Batman. They'd be so much better than those lousy Mezco Mez-itz things. They'd sell better too.


Fingers crossed, hopefully this is just the beginning, especially since WB is giving the '89 Batman license to a bunch of different companies as of late (Mezco, Jada toys, NJ Croce).

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3 hours ago, SCW said:

I noticed the box set was listed at Lukes for $23.99, and I think they're normally listed for $18.99... Are these more expensive? MSRP gone up? Am I crazy?

The price of four packs has gone up. They're a little more expensive to make(at least that's what I thought was said awhile back).

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On 1/26/2017 at 3:51 AM, BCDX97 said:

These guys look pretty neat!

The Kubricks that were made when the movie came out were pretty cool, too.

I can't decide which I like better - I will have to buy these for a closer look!

It's refreshing to see that a Minimate fan can also like kubricks . Kubricks are no longer made & I am well-aware that some many of them were dreadful but I would never include the Watchmen in that category .

I liked the Watchmen kubricks , I didn't like the way Medicom duped collectors into buying blind bagged versions first & then re-issuing them in box sets at ToysRUs a little while later !!!

Who would do that ?  :rolleyes:



.....................& if we are comparing the kubricks to the Minimates ......which inevitably we will ........then the promo shots of the Minimate versions look very very similar....almost too similar .  

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