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Found these today and I'm pretty pleased with the packs I bought.

Ronan and Space Iron Man were the first I opened. Ronan is fantastic. The colors are nice and bright and he looks very imposing with his universal weapon. The head gear and shoulder pads are one piece and they fit very snug while allowing a lot of room for arm movement. This is as close to a classic Ronan as we will ever see in minimate form and I'll never need another. It's perfect.

Iron Man turned out much better than expected, I never liked the look of the mask on that particular armor but it translated nicely to a minimate. The gold seems brighter than normal and stands out against the red. I figured this one would go toward the back of my IM display, now I'm thinking he'll be up front.

Mysterio and Spidey were next. Mysterio turned out great, did not expect to like the gold instead of yellow but It looks good. He comes with a clear "rising smoke" accessory, I think it's the one that came with Dr Strange. I'm not sure as I haven't compared them yet, but is the cape a new sculpt? It has a neat textured pattern on the inside that adds to the overall look of the figure. Also, is the new helmet smaller than the original? Regardless, it looks nice, no complaints here.

Spidey is just a neat looking armored figure. Crisp lines and paint with nice bright colors. Still not sure where I'll put him but I'll find a spot.

On a whim I picked up the Quicksilver-Now Vision pack. Pietro looks good in his dark trunks and the paint detail on his belt is killer, Very nice attention to detail. And again, the bright colors pop on this guy. I think he will go on the classic Avengers shelf.

Vision is done in much more muted colors, I'm assuming that's his look in the books now? The face decal really stood out to me, he looks very menacing. A nice figure of a version of the character that I'm not too familiar with. He also comes with some crazy phasing arms and legs that really work, he looks good with them on.

Overall it's a comic assortment that I'm very pleased to see the TRU's in my area carry.

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The closest TRU to me (about 2 hrs away, that is) was the one in St. Cloud, but they're now closed -- prolly right before/after Christmas. The next closest is in Blaine -- only 'mates I saw were one clearanced Tomb Raider pack. I only saw one other marked SKU hook tag (for one of the Clerks box sets, prolly the anniversary one) & it mixed in with the collectible figures.

I did see a SKU hook tag in the TMNT section, but it was labeled as a DST keychain. When I asked an employee about it (I was positive it was for 'mates cuz of the price) he told me that it was unidentifiable in the system -- came up as "item not found" when he scanned the tag.

In any event, I have never seen any new/current lines at any of the MN stores I've ever visited. Plus, they keep closing stores left & right. :(

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Glad they're showing up, gonna have to go hunting soon. Anyone from NY see these yet? Trying to avoid a repeat of the last wave which I never found, that was very disappointing.

Being as I already have the older versions of Vision, Quicksilver, and Mysterio I am most excited about Ronan and Spidey. Remember reading that arc thinking that'd be a cool looking minimate, and it is!

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