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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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15 hours ago, Onyx_6 said:

All of those sets were falling off the card from the beginning. I was there when they put them out.

Then my bad. I saw so many stapled/taped/shrink-wrapped (just the tray) that I made a bad assumption. :(

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Don’t worry about it. Expect the best, assume the worst. The people looking to steal from the Madison TRU look for game cards, not Minimates.

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So if the BP stuff has been gone since you bought it all (when it came in), is it unusual that they haven't restocked?

Also, is there more than 1 TRU in Madison?  I thought I had read that the Madison TRU was closing, but there was a sign on the door that said, "Don't worry, we're not closing."

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About 14 years ago we had 2. The East side one went out of business and became a dedicated BRU. That is the one that may, or may no longer, be closing.

Yes, Marvel seems to rarely be restocked at Madison, especially Marvel movie waves. Not sure why.

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