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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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On 11/28/2016 at 2:28 PM, Mysterious Stranger said:

Can anyone tell me if the red color of Santa and Santa Jack match? I want to put together a regular Santa figure and these two figures bashed together would be perfect.


As far as the naked eye, I think they are virtually a perfect match. I'm curious what you mean by a "regular Santa" figure though, how is the Santa as released not a good regular Santa? 

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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2016 at 10:10 PM, spidermatt said:

Just picked up the Witch nbx minimates tonight at my local tru. Still havent seen the daredevil box set yet.

Pretty sweet lookin Witches!

I just found the Witch exclusives in Northern California...  Daredevil hit almost 2 weeks ago with the Aliens APC


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On 12/1/2016 at 10:37 PM, JRSly said:

I'm curious what you mean by a "regular Santa" figure though, how is the Santa as released not a good regular Santa? 

Yeah, I agree with Mysterios Stranger that's it not a good regular Santa.  I'm hoping we get a good one in the Elf line.

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I was blessed to be able to run an errand already today.

I was able to get to my local TRU and found they just stocked a case of Series 3 Nightmare Before Christmas MiniMates.

I was able to get two packages of the Witches, but one was really beat up.  Since I open one set, I will open the beat up pack and keep the other for my MoC set.

I wish they had more of the Witches but clearly someone beat me to them.  I will keep looking out for them and let you all know if I get some to share with you.  I hope to find the again and I will share.  Series 3 is six minimates in three 2-packs.  Jack and Sally in one, Unraveled Oogie Boogie and Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin King in one, and Big Witch and Little Witch in one.  There were only two Witch packs on the peg and there were four of the other two packs.


So Series 1 at TRU was Jack & the Mayor, Sally & Dr. Finkelstein, Green Elf & Pink Elf.

Series 2 at TRU was Pumpkin King & Zero, Santa Jack & Easter Bunny, Wolfman & Mr. Hyde

Series 3 at TRU is Jack & Sally, Big Witch & Little Witch, Unraveled Oogie Boogie & Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin King

I find it interesting how Jack (or a variation of Jack) has been in all the series sold at TRU. I understand he is the main character, but to have the Pumpkin King twice at TRU is a little much in my opinion.  Couldn't they have substituted GitD Pumpkin King with say an exclusive character that we have not gotten yet, or a variation of Sally?  Anyway, I am happy they are making more MiniMates, but I thought I read somewhere that TRU will not get Series 4 of NBX.  I hope they change their minds.  

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I need the Astral Strange set as well.

And I wish I had known folks were looking for the Witches. I don't collect NBX so I haven't been following the releases. I was at a TRU on Sunday and they had one set but I didn't know it was a current release. Everything else they had was older stock so I assumed this was too. :( D'OH!

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