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New License Speculation - Halloween ComicFest 2014

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Zach has confirmed that there will be a new license that will premiere as a Halloween ComicFest 2014 exclusive single pack!

According to posts from Zach, DST "has been working on this for years" and it is "kinda big news" and this is a "large-ish announcement".

Speculate and wish-list away! :)

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I think its Predator, and we'll get a translucent "Stealth" Predator as the first exclusive. We know Chuck approached Fox years ago, and if I recall correctly, there were designs made at one point. It would be a no-brainer license to couple with ALIENS and should be considered "large-ish".

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The problem with licenses like Nightmare on Elm St., Halloween, Friday the 13th is outside of the main horror character, do people really want supporting "victims"? I know each character has multiple looks, but I'm not sure that's enough to support an entire line.

Predator has the iconic monster, but also the supporting cast of well known Mercs. I want a Jesse Ventura with chaw in his mouth variant! smile.png

Plus, if we get Predator 2, then there's a Gary Busey Minimate!


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I think YB is probably right about Predator. His analysis makes sense.

No one has yet mentioned Dr. Who which was a frequent license speculation on MMMV awhile back. I know design work was done. Doesn't totally fit with Halloween though.

I'm kinda hoping for the return of MAX Zombies. Not really a new line though.

The Nightmare Before Christmas property seems to show up eternally in every possible collectible line, so I could see it debuting. It would be weird going into Hot Topic to buy Minimates though.

My final guess (dream/hope) is DST will re-launch their zombies under a new line called MAX Monsters. In addition to the previously designed zombies, we will get ghosts, skeletons, vampires, demons, werewolves, swamp monsters, ghouls, goblins, witches, bigfoots, reptilians, mad scientists, giants, mummies, phantoms, cyclopes, minotaurs, grey aliens, jinn, gorgons, trolls, ogres, and sirins.

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