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Pathfinder minimates!-First box set revealed

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So is this based on a video game, or an actual physical role playing game?

it’s a tabletop game (so actual physical role playing game), and it’s a fairly popular one at that as it’s an expansion on D&D 3.5 released when Wizards of the Coast released Ver 4

so it’s sort if when DC released the Nu52 another company came in and started making new classic DC stories, some fans chose to be loyal to the original company despite some changes they didn’t like, others chose to stick with what they thought to be a better improvement on the old even if it meant switching companies.... except unlike in my example here Pathfinder uses none of D&D’s copyrighted material, it’s got it’s own characters and world setting, it just uses the same rules from an open use license.

So yeah... if there’s any tabletop shops that sell Diamond merchandise (all the comic and game shops around me are fairly segregated) These should do very well.

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These look really good and I'm definitely in for a set.

Do you guys see non toy collectors buying these? There is a group of about 15 people who play Pathfinder every week at my local game store and I can't imagine a single one of them buying these. They are all so unbelievably cheap that I am still shocked by there unwillingness to spend 50 cents on a soda.

Whenever new players are looking at the rule books and such they tell them to go on line where they can save 10 bucks, in front of the owner.

Granted this is only my limited sample pool, but the only way I see the non toy collector people who play this game buying them is if they get them on a TRU clearance for $1.49.

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The detailing on the armour is really nice, especially on the guy with dark hair. From a playability POV I can see these going great with Thor mates.

Get these and throw in a Stormbreaker or The Mighty and/or Worthy sets and you've got a great gift for someone.

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