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Walking Dead SDCC 2014 Set

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In the SDCC Speculation Thread, Zach mentioned that there would be a WD set that would "spark a lot of discussion." Definitely vague and intriguing. Here are my thoughts that are sure to be way off the mark.

* Super hero Rick, Tyreese, Governor, and Michonne from the issue 75 hoax.

* Zombified Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Glenn from the Compedium One cover

* New characters from the arc that just started: Magna, 2 others, and limping Rick

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TV show 4-pack:


Merle (w/ Zombie parts and blade stump)


Rick - hospital gown, hopefully

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You know given the "controversial" tag Zach has given this set the zombie cover Rick etc set seems to make the most sense.

I'd have to see it though to decide if I'd pick that one up.


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Rick TTA would be awesome.

I see Zach's controversial comment as meaning something that is susceptible to criticism, rather than the content being specifically controversial.

Perhaps 'gore & bloody' versions of 'best of' characters we've already had.

Same figures, some extra red splatter details.

I'd actually be happy with that.

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With the box sets often being story events we're finally getting a Tainted Meat set.

Dinner Time Dale and three cannibals.

Likely not happening but it would certainly spark conversations over how far a toy should go even in the context of a zombie property.

I can only think of a couple more disturbing/controversial possible sets but I know they will never happen.

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I'm going to guess a set that has:




and The Governor.

With WD several waves deep, DST wants to get the core characters into the hands of potentially new collectors who could no longer find the original stuff. A lot of potential new collectors see stuff at SDCC. They will be nearly straight re-releases, maybe new face tampos.

The debate about the merit here will be the age old debate between "more Wolverine and Spider-Man" vs. "new and unmade characters".

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