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DC Collectibles' Batman the Animated Series 6" Figures

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I read the article and did not see a "tease of a Batmobile." Could you point out the verbage that you are referring to? I may have missed it.

Unless you meant the silhouette picture. That doesn't look like a Batmobile to me, though. thx

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The reason it doesn't look like the Batmobile to me, especially with the pictures that MPL has added, is that there are four raised points in the picture. The outer ones are taller than the inner ones. If it was the Batmobile from the show, and that MPL has shared, the inner points would be taller than the outer ones.

I'll be happy to be wrong!

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My assumption is that the picture was taken from above.

If the quality issues have been so severe and widespread that DCC had to make this kind of response I think they couldn't let any more figures get out with the same potential problems. They didn't even have a customer service email address before this whole thing started, so they must have been receiving serious negative feedback even before they started hearing directly from the fans. I suspect some number of retailers threatened to cancel orders if something wasn't done to address the problems.

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Definitely the Batmobile.

DCC must have some massives plans for this line if they are making things like deluxe Roxie Rocket and a Batmobile.

Also, them actually coming out of their shell and talking about the quality issues and doing things about it is completely out of the norm for them. It's a good thing, but they must have a lot invested in the line for them to do so.

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