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DC Collectibles' Batman the Animated Series 6" Figures

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Well...neither did Catwoman's prototype image: Comic Toys/2014_Toy_Fair/bm_animated_cw_af_1__scaled_600.jpg

I get the feeling that they just Photoshop the holes out for advertising. : /

That could get them into some trouble if that's the case. Minor touch up is one thing, but this is a pretty major change
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I picked up Batman from my comicbook store. Mine has a bit of bleed over around the nose, but other than that this figure is fantastic. Perhaps the greatest thing about him is that he's the first DCC figure that I know of not to use clear plastic for the joints. It sure makes taking off the head to swap the capes easier!


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I was a bit surprised to only see Batman. At first I thought maybe the other just sold through, but there was like a whole case of Batmen, so that seemed unlikely. One weird thing, at least for me, was that the back of the package doesn't list any of the other figures in the series.

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As cool as that is, is it weird that I still kinda want the video game colored one more?

I think the computer game one is amazing too!

Not to derail too much, but has anyone picked up the Lil Gotham figures? I've never read the books but love the designs, and the figures looks great.

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