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What are your Top 5 Favorite Spider-Men?


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There's quite alot of Spider-Men in this line and I'm really glad. So many that perhaps we can do more than top 5 list, so feel free to go above and beyond.

As for me, I haven't picked up the ASM 2 one, though this has to be my list:

1. Iron Spider-Man (I now it's been awhile since this one has been around and it'd be so awesome if he got an update, but as it's my favorite suit ever for Spidey, I'm glad there's a Minimate of it.)

2. MvsC:3 Spider-man (This is the style that I like when it comes to the classic costume. The size of the eyes and the Spider emblems are just perfect. It feels like a modern Spidey to me.)

3 1st Appearance Spidey (The red and black scheme has always been my favorite and I love the slanted eyes on him. He seems old-school!)

4. Future Foundation Spider-Man (Yeah, this look is totaly different and I love it, it seems like a basic minimate design buuuuuut it works so well.)

5. Hmm, I'd probably have to say the Peter Parker Miinimate that came with the GG 2-pack. (The Spidey threads underneath his old fashioned clothes is such an awesome and striking feature and I love that he came with a Spidey mask and that lasso around him accessory. He's currently my go-to stand-in on my shelf with heroes in civilian clothing.)

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In no particular order:


Spider-Sense Spider-Man (TRU 13)

This guy includes two of my favorite additions; a spider-sense halo and the webbed armpits.


Unmasked Spider-Man (Series 41)

My favorite battle-damaged version of the character, I especially like the rope accessory.


Spider-Man (Series 43)

My favorite of the black costume Spideys, partly because of the blue highlights, partly because of the simplicity.


Spider-Man (Series 2)

Nostalgia is a powerful drug. This guy is to the Marvel Minimates line what Mego Spidey was to that line. Plus he's a Minimate in its purest form with no sculpted details.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Series 2)

One of those variants I'd thought we'd never see yet it was released in the second wave. This is just a fun nod to the comic book trope of illustrating two alter egos at once. Great conversation piece.

(Hail Ivan!)

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Spider-Sense Spider-Man (TRU Wave 13)


Spider-Man (Best Of)


Spider-Man (Wave 43)


Melee Symbiote Spider-man (Spider-Man 5-pack)


Battle Ravaged Spider-Man (Friends and Foes Box Set)


(Hail Ivan!)

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No particular order:


Big Time:

Liked this design as soon as it showed up in the comics. It translated great to minimate form.


Best of:

My go to basic Spidey. Love pretty much everything about this one


Spider-Man(Black) - Series 2:

This one is elegant in its simplicity.


Series 2:

Like the symbiote, the simplicity sells this one.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man:

This was the first Spidey Minimate I ever owned, so it's alway been one of my favorites.

(Hail Ivan!)

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1. Torment Spidey. McFarlane is my favorite Spider-Man artist. He's the reason I'm even a Spidey fan.

2. Series 2 Black costume. I've been collecting from day 1, but I can't tell you how many On Cue/Sam Goody/Suncoasts I went to before I finally found one.

3. Scarlet Spider-Man. I'm one of the few people on this planet you enjoyed the Clone Saga. I love this design.

4. Series 2 original.

5. Ben Reilly Spider-Man

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Thanks to Ivan, as ever, for the great reference pics:

1) Classic Heroic Age Spidey. The head tampo is my favorite of all Spideys, edging out the Best of/Six Armed Spidey versions. Also, I don't care for the web arms they gave him.


2) Best of Spidey already shown

3) Santa Spidey. Take off the hat, and he looks very similar to the wave 2 version, but with crisper lines. Looks more refined to me.


4) this one's kind of a cheat--a mash of Back in Black Spidey and the mask from Symbiote Bond Spidey. Easily the best black Spidey mask IMO, though probably rarely used by collectors.



5) Riot Spidey. Nuff said.


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1. Classic Heroic Age Spider-Man. Great colors and one of the last Spider-Man's to have web tampo around the whole wrist


2. Santa Spider-Man. To quote Waylan Smithers "but she's got a new hat"


3. Zombie Spider-Man. The exposed ribs and knee are so well done, plus it's a freakin zombie version of Spider-Man


4. Symbiote Spider-Man. So simple, yet so good.


5. Spider-Man 2099. Could use an update, but still one of my favorite looks for Spider-Man


- Hail Ivan

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1 - Scarlet Spider


2 - Ben Reilly Spider-Man


3 - Superior Spider-Man


4 - Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man


5 - Big Time Spider-Man


It should be noted that some of these could change on any given day, as I feel that Future Foundation, Insulated, Web Armor and Iron Spider all could have made this list. Additionally, if we ever get a Kaine Scarlet Spider, Ends of the Earth Spider-Man or Hydra Spider-Man 2099, this list could be updated again.

- Hail Ivan

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  • 7 months later...

1. Spider Sense Spider-Man (Best of Wave 3) - I don't have him yet (my order just shipped - I'm waiting for it to reach me) but I LOVE his design. Easily my favorite Spidey.


2. Black Costume Spider-Man (Wave 43)


3. Spider-Man 2099 - This guy needs an update. Like, REALLY needs an update.


4. Future Foundation Spider-Man


5. Web Armor Spider-Man


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Here's my top 5:


Black Spidey Wave 43

Spiderman 2099

MvC Spidey

Cyborg Spidey

and my absolute favorite Venom is being a placeholder for my last favorite Spidey which I foolishly never bought when I saw him in the stores because I was stupid and wasn't collecting Minimates yet....Six Armed Spidey! (I really need to start looking for one :) )

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I would have to go dig through the database to pick five definitively, and I can't because I'm at work right now, but I will say, two which immediately stand out in my mind, which I've yet to see mentioned are...

The Spider-Man 3 movie preview figures. From the two pack that was sold at summer cons, before the actual wave was released.

Say what you will about the movie, or your opinions on the costumes themselves, but they were two exceptionally well made little spideys imo. With web/costume texturing that not only wrapped their arms and legs, but extended all the way around their hands and feet, which is more than most (possibly all?) other Spideys usually get.

They were very nice looking. And a damn site better looking than the two figures of the same costumes that were released in the actual wave later in the year. A lot of people skipped this set because it was an early release of two figures which were to be coming later, but the two in the preview pack were far superior to the regular wave ones. (Which didn't have all the extra texturing. And which included a powerhouse chest on Black Spidey, which always looked dumb imo. Spidey is the last guy that should be bulked up, black suit or no.)

It was definitely worth picking up.

These two are the definitive "Tobey" Spidey minimates imo, and two very good Spideys overall as well.

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