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Project Zomboid - Indie PC Game Steam Early Release

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I stumbled across Project Zomboid on accident last year, and I've been fully addicted ever since. I think it is an absolute blast. I wondered if anyone here plays. It's an early release game meaning it's not finished with more alpha features upcoming. But currently the game play is well worth the price imo and fully baked as far as I'm concerned. It's gotten some shout-outs from the makers of Minecraft and Day Z so it's generating some good interest in the Indie game world.

Check it out if it appeals to you (retro-style, isometric view, sandbox, building stuff and crafting, zombies) and if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. The community is growing daily with ever more mods coming out. Multiplayer was recently added too. Link


If you get sucked into playing this game, just remember: This is how you died.

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This game is 33% off for the next 18 hours on Steam. You just can't beat the value at $10.04. Build 27 was rolled out last week adding a lot of new map including a mall and movie theater. Also added this past month, vast expansion of cooking and the new Trapping system. New stuff added frequently with a lot more coming before the official build gets released.

Whether you are interested in playing or not, you will be amazed at the sheer massive size of the game map. And it keeps growing.

Check out the full map here:

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