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C2E2 Chicago 2014 Pics & Discussion

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Congratulations Luke! It's been a pleasure doing business with you since you opened your store(honestly hard to believe its almost been five years since I've stop doing business with any other online retailer) and I look forward to many more years of business with you. Your customer service is second to none, if only other retailers treated their customers with as much respect and understanding; you go above and beyond what anyone could expect of you to make your customers happy. Your store is very deserving of this exclusive and I can't wait to add these to the collection.

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Fantastic Luke! I'm super excited for you. Of course, I'll be ordering one, maybe two. A real coup, particularly with that being the first Carnage in over a decade, and the first bronze/modern age comic Lizard.

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Most of us just handed Luke twenties on the spot.

The other big news from the panel is that there's going to be a TRU fan poll this year, based on Infinity. No figures announced yet.

You know, I asked for Infinity figures in an AskDST and Chuck said that it wasn't that possible to happen. The next month I asked what where the chances of a new Thanos being released and I got a "never say never" response (i think, but i'm not 100 % sure). Funny thing. Anyway, I predict these will be the characters in the poll:

Thanos (Bulked up)

Thane (the main reason the story happened)

Captain Marvel (Carol's new awesome costume and seeing as she's already staring in her own book and is joining the Guardians it makes sense)

Maximus the Mad (one of the key players in the story along with the rest of the inhumans)

Ex-Nihilo (one of Hickman's new creations and he kinda paved the way for the story)

And maybe Starbrand, Nightmask or Captain Universe

My picks though would be:

Thanos (Duh)

Carol (Double duh)

Maximus (triple duh)

Ex-Nihilo (I just loooooove his design)

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Wow - that's awesome news Luke! Congratulations. I'll be getting these for sure.

OMG!!! Does that Lucy Liu minimate come with 'missing scalp' accessory?

Also - looks like 70's Mags will have a helmet biggrin.png

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So much minimate goodness! Turtles look great, Aliens amazing, and that MMMV blank is a thing of beauty, def the highlight for me, here's hoping I can somehow get my hands on one. And Luke, big congrats on the exclusive it is much deserved and I'm sure it will sell like hot cakes. You can count me in for at least one for sure!

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Firstly,I didn't know about the exclusive Zach was handing out, and while I thanked him for it ( he even offered my 2 year old son one but I didn't want to shorten the supply available to the rest of you ) I am sitting with it at home and have realized I do not collect blanks, and having one is bothering me. I think I am willing to part with it for specific mates, or the ever weakening dollar. Message me if anyone is still looking.

Also, Zach is amazing! I was told that there is a lot going against Battle Beasts series 2. Has anyone heard anything else? Were BB mentioned during the panel? PANEL updates pretty please.

Before I forget, THANK YOU YB. I was only there for few hours on Friday morning so I missed out on the TMNT mates and seeing pictures made my day!

AND...congratulations Luke! I've ordered more than I care to admit in the short time that I have been aware of LTS, you are a blessing to the MM community and I really hope this exclusive takes your store to new heights.

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I was told that there is a lot going against Battle Beasts series 2. Has anyone heard anything else? Were BB mentioned during the panel? PANEL updates pretty please.

Seconded! This is the only time i've ever pre-ordered a non-marvel series, as an effort to show support. I hope these guys make it through the gates, because there are some great designs and i really want these to do well for DST. Any updates would be VERY much appreciated.

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Meetup was tons of fun. I'm sure the group pic will be posted soon so you all can see everyone that made it. At least a few of us did continue at the bar across the street for a bit; no one staggered home, but BHM almost didn't get served by the no-nonsense bartender that didn't appreciate his sense of humor (hard to believe, I know). :)

Battle Beasts did come up in the panel, so you'll be able to see for yourselves, but it's not great news. Orders for series 2 were weak. DST doesn't want to give up on them, though, and are looking into other avenues to get them out there.

No surprise Marvel reveals beyond the announcement of the TRU poll. There's a lot coming, though, with the three movie waves, the X-Men wave, the Best Of wave, and Luke's box set.

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Thanks for all the kind words and the support! At the panel, Zach showed the packaging for the Deadly Foes set, which was a nice surprise since I didn't even know it was ready yet. Delta captured it in his video of the panel, which I'm sure he will post as soon as he is able to.

Last night was a lot of fun. We had 17 MMV members make it to the celebration, plus friends and family, and Chuck and Zach. It was really awesome to finally meet everyone in person! Here are two pics from my crappy camera. I know Timbo has some better ones.



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We also got to see the proposed designs for some of Godzilla series 2....those looked very nice.

King Ghidorah, Hedorah, Jet Jaguar

The party was a lot of fun, thanks again to Luke and Shane for making it happen! :thumbsup:

Left to right:

TBT!, Shanester, me, Buttheadsmate, groundhog7s, mnemosis, Cappy, tenime_art, Boyd, PK13, Hellpop, luke314pi, Lobsterman, TM2Dinobot, nervous rex, Delta Chameleon (back), onyx6.

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