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Randomly, certain thread pages will be blocked on my work computer because of "Hacking".

I've tried visiting those same pages on my phone or home computer, and can't find any evidence as to why this keeps happening.

I mean, my work blocks sites for some of the dumbest reasons (I can't read articles about video games, because they get blocked as "Games" - as if I'd be playing them on the computer).

But maybe there's a good reason this time, and someone's signature or something they're posting might be a potential danger to others' systems, and figured it might be something for the more tech-savvy Mods or Admins to look into.


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I will need to get the master sleuth Ady involved here. There are some patches to this version of IPB that we haven't installed yet. I'll look into what the patches are for.

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Its websense. We use it here too. Basically the proxy server pre scans your target for "bad words" which it assosciates with certain black lists managed by categories.

in this instance there is something on those pages which your websence settings block as its allegedly related to a blocked category.

There's nothing we can do and its not blocking the site because its hacking you, its blocking it because keywords on the page trigger your blocking settings for that category.

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It is.

What's weird is, I saw that picture. Many times. Never had an issue. And this is the only message board I visit that pages get blocked by Websense occasionally, too.

I just don't want to get fired because something shady happens to my work computer, y'know? confused.gif

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