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Show Some Green, Win Some Green!


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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Want to win some cash from a leprechaun? Then show me your green (minimate style)!


Prize: $10 Luke's Toy Store Gift Certificate


1.) For your entry the main requirements are that it must be a minimate and it must have some green.
2.) Your entry can be a picture, photo, drawing, etc, just something to show your green.
3.) Please submit your entry in this thread and note on it that it's your official entry.
4.) This must be a new creation from the start of this post. This doesn't mean that everything in it must be new. For example you can take a picture of your figures or old customs, as long as it is a new picture. You can take a bunch of old pictures and create a new collage. If you have more questions about this please ask.
5.) Only one entry per person.
6.) You can make changes to your entry up to the deadline of this contest.
7.) Remember safety first and that we are a family friendly site.
8.) MinimateMultiverse takes no responsibility or liability for any broken laws, damage or general mayhem caused in the process of creating your entry.
9.) Any entries that do not post either due to timing or technical issues are not the responsibility of MinimateMultiverse.
10.) MinimateMultiverse has the right to change the contest or rules at any time. This includes but is not limited to the completion date and prizes.

11) ANYONE WHO DOES NOT ENTER WILL GET PINCHED!! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day the leprechaun will find you and get his pinch in!!

Entries will be accepted between now and end of the day 11:59 PM PST March 17, 2014.
Winner will be posted shortly afterwards.

The leprechaun will pick the winner. Yes he accepts money, jewels and other shiny things as bribes but you have to catch him first.


If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

Be sure to visit the leprechauns over at Minimates Central!

Good luck and have fun!

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Neither of these are very St Patricks day relevant, other than I was outside playing with my new camera this weekend & they both have green in them.

" Not everything in black and white makes sense...'

"Hello Boys..."


p.s. Yes Lurch, I Intentionally excluded myself from prizes by posting 2 pix wink.png

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Aquaman: "We hope you are all enjoying your St. Patricks Day revelry; we would just like to remind the world that when you have to vomit, due to alcohol consumption, that you do it away from the ocean."

Ocean Master: "We don't want another Boston incident DO WE?"

Aquaman + Ocean Master: "Have a great night!"






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Perhaps not overly St. Patrick's day related but then I'm on 1/4 Irish so this is my official entry.

A little project that has been circulating in my head since the release of "All New X-Men" was the what if the original X-Men never return to their own time line. After discovering that the only green minimate body that I had at the moment was X-Factor Jean Grey I kicked this little project into high gear and this is what I cam up with.

After the disappearance of the original five X-Men Professor Xavier recruited a new group of mutants to be his X-Men. Colossus, Wolverine, Havoc, Rogue, and Thunderbird have the nearly impossible mission of discovering the location of the time displaced original X-Men.


All New X Men II by Prowl-Ar, on Flickr

What? Rogue is wearing green, even if the rest of the team isn't.

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Congrats folks and thanks for running the contest Lurch. Youbastards, you know I love it. Ivan, amazing as always! Can I make that into a t-shirt?! You cracked me up dr baghead. Nice entries everyone.

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