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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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DST's facebook has the art up for this line. And they have totally justified more versions of the turtles.

Wow! I still loathe blind bags. But, if they are a necessary evil, then this is the best possible outcome. I really appreciate the extra alt looks for the multiples that come from buying a case.
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Lots of paint issues with these from those pictures. I worry the factory is pumping out too much too quickly and the quality is suffering because of it. TRU Age of Ultron, Spongebob, and TMNT2 (possibly) seemed to suffer from sloppy paint. sad.png



Why is Splinter's fur the same color as his kimono???


It's nice that Mikey can now be posed in battle with the new 'chucks, but the sculpting of the 'chain' somehow makes it look like a silver rope.


This line should be setting the standard for Minimates, but I feel like the factory is happy with "just good enough". The "blind bag" factor certainly isn't reassuring, but I guess there's always *hoping* that your TRU gets them in stock so you can pick them over at the store before plunking down your money.

For $6 BLIND BAG toys, these should at MINIMUM be matching the paint quality of the other similar products on the market (Funko minis, MegaBloks, Kre-O)

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Splinter's fur is clearly a different color than the robe in the control art. It actually looks like his fur should be the same shade of red/brown as the dark sections of the robe.


Someone from DST really needs to look into what happened here.

Looks like the flower print on Splinter's kimono is off too, you can see the start of the third flower at the very bottom of the robe.

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Mikey's chains were a surprise to me, but as someone who loves the real chains but can't pose them very well, I like this option very much. It allows for a Bruce Lee style under-arm tuck, and now I can use it as a support.



Lots of talk about the paint, not a lot of talk about the parts...


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I think the parts are amazing. Is the weird pizza head thing that comes with Leo a mask? Because that's hilarious, if so. I miss the real chains already, but these may be a little more toy-friendly. I'm beyond excited for the mass amount of pizza parts. The paint is a little worry-causing, but maybe TRU will be different? I remember some paint apps were different comparatively in wave 1. I really love the faces. As someone who hasn't seen the show, unfortunately, I really just want a classic Splinter and April. Also as someone who hasn't seen the show, is the change to white eyes a huge show thing?

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The flower pattern is fine on the other Splinter in Toy Ark's bagged group shot. Paint variation is just a statistical inevitability. And while Lego Splinter may still hold the crown for most-accurate toy Splinter, this is still worlds better than any Playmates attempt. Playmates doesn't even paint their toys anymore. We are the chosen few.

There is one error that started with the control art, though.

It's the skateboard. On the show, the Agro-Rilla logo is on the bottom (under the board), not the top.

But it looks good on the toy while leaving a good excuse to revisit the accessory.

I'm going to grab one of those set-of-nine listings and then buy extras when Zeck-R-Us hits.

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Lots of talk about the paint, not a lot of talk about the parts...

Channeling my best BHM post... wink.png


Zach, obviously the accessories are great and will definitely help move new versions of the Turtles, but I personally can't ignore the inconsistent paint apps any longer, and its starting to affect my purchasing decisions. I hope to have some face to face time with Chuck next week and discuss it.

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Yeah I'm not gonna lie that Splinter paint is... really extraordinarily bad and really makes me not want that figure, which I was looking forward to a lot. I'll have to wait until the inevitable Splinter redo to get one unless TRU's run looks different.

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