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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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Whenever you guys use the UPC number, are you using 699788104231 or some other number because when I use that or a variation of it, says there is nothing by that number and I cannot seem to find it ontheir website.

That is the correct UPC and the online item number is#004W008773018000P but you cannot find things on the website that are not available for shipping. I was told the first run of these was not being made available on the website and were only being pushed directly to stores at this time. As far as I know they are all out to stores. I can get in touch with our main buyer at the home office and find out if and when they might be online.
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That's correct, only Kraang at K-Mart.

For the moment, yes. I do believe Zach has stated many times that Kraang would be available in later waves, but I'm not sure if he's talking about this specific Kraang or the blue ones that we've seen pic.s of. At any rate, he's a damn fine 'mate!

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I was catching up on the IDW TMNT comics over the weekend and my mind started wandering into Minimate territory. I was trying to think of the best way to do a Krang in his big robot body, either the big conehead wrestler from the classic cartoon or the big metal military body he uses in the IDW comics. While it would be really cool to be able to insert the Krang brain from the blind bag figure I think a decal would be easiest to do. What would be a good body to use for a big Krang robot body? Arnim Zola comes to mind, at least the chest cap from that figure, maybe on a Zangief body?

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Shogi, your Turflytle is sheer genius! I applaud you, sir!

Sho gi, hope you don't mind me showing that off on the Freelance Toy Enthusiast Facebook page, with credit to you, of course

Don't mind at all

Thanks for all the kind words guys!

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I finally bit the bullet and bought a blind bag today. I thought I had a Kraang but it was Robo Foot Soldier. All of the accessories were there too so I'm happy. I found them thrown across the back of the toy department on a shelf near the puzzles. One that had already been torn apart revealed a Leonardo.

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