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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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i pulled the trigger on these @ luke’s yesterday! that tray shot looks nice, i’m loving the colors!

i’m a fan the turtles and this will be my first set of ‘mates for them and i couldn’t be happier. right now i’m not super keen on expanding because this set can stand alone just fine, but i don’t think i could say no to a six pack w april, casey, splinter, shredder, bepop, and rocksteady!!

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50 minutes ago, elhonez said:

Minor observation: It sort of looks like the bandannas are upside-down, right? Like that curve on top should be where the bridge of their nose/beak is.

I think it’s meant to evoke eyebrows

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1 hour ago, Freaqualizer said:

As someone who could never pull the trigger on the previous sets of TMNT, this is a must have for me. If there’s any chance at all that we can get Casey Jones with his look from this cartoon, I’d be so very thankful.

Or even the toys, like this set.


Hell, gimme fly Baxter, OG April, Splinter, Beebop, Rocksteady, Krang and Ray Fillet and Mondo Gecko. 

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1 hour ago, WookieFodder said:

I got my set, these are fantastic! Let's just do all the original TMNT toys, agreed?

Give me Shredder, Rocksteady, Beebop, Baxter as fly, Kraang, April, Casey, Ray Fillet, Splinter, Mondo Gecko and Slash and some mousers and I'll be stoked and good!

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Here's a fun packaging error - the very first TMNT set I grabbed for myself out of the shipment has them packed in the NYCC G.I. JOE inner sleeve. I checked a dozen TMNT sets after that, and they all had the correct inner sleeve.



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