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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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I don't have the Van but I have some other Half-Shell Hero stuff and they work really well with Minimates.  I'll see if I can snap some pictures later.

Also, I don't know if this has been brought up yet but TMNT 5 Space Mikey and Space Raph have regular weapons instead of space weapons.  Space Leo and Space Donnie from TMNT 4 had their space weapons.  What happened there?

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if anyone is looking for Megabloks sets for their Minimates, Target has all their TMNT sets on sale.  Picked up the Baxter Fly Mutagen Chamber set for $10 and another Mouser pack for $2.  Mine also had the Party Wagon ($20) and light-up movie Mutagen Chamber set ($13) as well...slim pick'ins.  I think I'm going back for the Party Wagon

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I know someone else posted about this but after the "Great Upgrade Cleansing" I can't find the posts. Anyway, I picked up the Mega Bloks TMNT Classic Party Wagon from Amazon a couple weeks ago (it was marked down to a price I couldn't resist). I finally got a little time to put it together last night and I'm really impressed with it. Its a bit on the small side for Minimates, but I think it fits right in with the scale and sizing of official vehicles. I'll try to get some pics of it with my Turtles tonight.

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I've seen a few episodes from the new season so far and there's already a  bunch of new characters and new looks:


*  Hun

*  Purple Dragons

*  New Foot Soldiers (they look like The Hand)

*  New Elite Foot Soldiers (which unfortunately look very similar to Bradford and Chromedome)

* Shinigami

*  April  (new black w/ yellow stripes jumpsuit)

*  Leonardo  (black mask and different gear)

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